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20. Shang Tsung's Spike Slam

The shapeshifting sorceror Shang Tsung fell to his knees in defeat in the first Mortal Kombat, serving as the game's final boss.  Tsung returned in MKII, this time as a selectable fighter, his life and youth having been restored by the evil Outworld overlord Shao Kahn in an attempt to goad the Earth warriors into competing in a second tournament.  This Fatality shows Tsung getting things done, summoning a bed of blades from the ground and flinging his opponent by his hair onto the sadistic skewers.  A savage death, for sure, but it's only the beginning...

Spike Slam

19. Reptile's Tongue Grab

Shang Tsung's reptilian bodyguard made his debut as a hidden boss in Mortal Kombat and required an incredibly specific set of circumstances to be met in order for its players to encounter the enigma.  MKII introduced Reptile as a playable character who quickly became one of the franchise's most popular fighters (he later transcended his familiar genre and appeared in NBA Jam Tournament Edition as a selectable player).  The lizard-ninja holds his own with this Fatality; especially funny is how his opponent is still screaming even though his head is consumed first.

Tongue Grab

18. Mileena's Man Eater

Holding the honor of being the first evil female character in the series, the sai-wielding Mileena debuted in the second installment and proved to be one of the best overall competitors in the game.  Her speed and special attacks made the veil-wearing assassin as dangerous as they come; not only is she a fierce fighter, but in the story, Mileena can telepathically read the thoughts of her Earthrealm-aligned step-sister Kitana.  Mileena's Man Eater Fatality shows us a glimpse of her ghastly face as she slurps up her opponent and hurls up the unwanted bits.  Yum yum.

Man Eater

17. Baraka's Stab & Lift

Baraka is the leader of Shao Kahn's mutant Tarkatan army and led the attack on Liu Kang's Shaolin temple before MKII, coaxing the Earthrealm warriors into competing in a second tournament.  Absolutely one of the coolest looking characters of the Mortal Kombat universe, Baraka's retractable forearm blades figure heavily into his repertoire of moves.  They stab, slice and shoot sparks, and in this merciless Fatality, Baraka uses his natural bayonets to give his opponent a lift.  I specifically remember the body sliding down the blades making me cringe the first time I saw it.

Stab & Lift

16. Sektor's Giant Clamp

The flame-throwing, missle-launching Sektor first appeared in MK3 along with Cyrax and Smoke, rounding out the trio of automated Lin Kuei members.  The "cyberninja" was once human before showing his loyalty to the clan by volunteering for a full-on robotic makeover.  Now Sektor is literally an emotionless killing machine on a quest to take down Lin Kuei renegade Sub-Zero, punishing all who step in his path with devastating teleporting uppercuts.  This Fatality shows off some of Sektor's best hardware -- a massive metallic mechanism that turns his opponents into mush.

Giant Clamp

15. Scorpion's Hand From Hell

Featured on the logo of NetherRealm Studios, the company who took over the Mortal Kombat franchise after Midway went belly-up, Scorpion stands as one of the most recognized characters in the franchise's storied history.  What's not to love about an undead ninja ghost who belts out an enthusiastic "Get over here!" as he reels in unsuspecting enemies with a razor-tipped harpoon?  His feud with Sub-Zero spans most of the series; unlike his frigid foe, Scorpion's Fatalities involve the use of fire, this one also incorporating a giant skeletal paw for good measure.  "Toasty," indeed.

Hand From Hell

14. Stryker's Explosive Vest

Besides maybe this guy, NYPD Riot Control officer Kurtis Stryker faced more criticism upon the release of MK3 than any of the game's other newly introduced characters.  To some, his "common man" presence felt out of place in Mortal Kombat's fantasy world atmosphere, and his grenade and nightstick attacks clashed on-screen against more flashy moves like Liu Kang's fireballs or Shang Tsung's flaming skulls.  Still, Stryker's Explosive Vest Fatality is a hoot as he whips up the device in seconds, the product of some groggy programmer's deranged MacGuyver-inspired daydream.

Explosive Vest

13. Liu Kang's Arcade Cabinet Drop

Shaolin monk and multi-time Mortal Kombat Grand Champion Liu Kang is the archetypical protagonist for a fighting game series -- most of his moves are easy for noobs to input, yet the maneuvers are diverse and powerful enough to prove fatal in the hands of more experienced players.  Liu's weak "Shaolin Uppercut" Fatality from the original lacked the vicious bite of his counterparts' finishers, but this fault was corrected in later games with the Dragon Transformation in MKII (which became an "Animality" in part 3) and this oddly satisfying slaying that makes no sense whatsoever.

Arcade Cabinet Drop

12. Sheeva's Ground Spike

Fans of the four-armed behemoth boss characters Goro and Kintaro from MKI and II clamored for a playable Shokan fighter in the third incarnation.  Their prayers were answered in the form of the half-human half-dragon Sheeva, the guardian of the resurrected Queen Sindel and more beast than beauty.  Sheeva's muscular frame produces stronger attacks than a bulk of the other combatants, her enormous fists pounding the life out of those unlucky enough to get within reach.  Though not her most astounding Fatality, Sheeva's Ground Spike still supplies its viewers with a twisted thrill.

Ground Spike

11. Scorpion's Flame Spit

Scorpion's Flame Spit is a classic in the first game's batch of Fatalities, which in retrospect seem rather tame compared to the much more gruesome finishers to come later in the series.  The spectre became a staple character in the Mortal Kombat collection due to his awesome moves and engaging backstory as one of few combatants to never definitively pick a side in the Earthrealm / Outworld rivalry, giving him twice as many challengers to char broil.  In the end, the doomed souls who fall to Scorpion often find themselves on the business end of a scorching from hell.

Flame Spit

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