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10. Sindel's Skin Scream

10,000 years ago, Queen Sindel of Outworld was forced into marrying Shao Kahn after the ruthless dictator's overthrowing of her people, an event that eventually drove her to taking her own life.  The mystic empress would be resurrected by Shang Tsung in time for MK3 with no memory of her past life.  Sindel is blessed with the ability of levatation, making her the only character in the game with that specific talent.  She is also capable of bending soundwaves to extremes, so much so that her mutilated opponents can only be identified with dental records after she's through with them.

Skin Scream

9. Johnny Cage's Backbreaker Explosion

Designed as a parody of the conventional American action movie star (think Jean-Claude Van Damme in sunglasses), Johnny Cage serves as the much-needed comic relief inside an otherwise dismal story.  Cage enters the first tournament to prove that the stunts he performs in his films are legitimate displays of his athletic prowess.  He brings to the table an array of comedic signature moves, such as the split groin punch, which was immortalized forever in the live-action 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.  This Fatality is just ridiculous and would make Lex Luger cream in his jeans.

Backbreaker Explosion

8. Cyrax's Self Destruction

Nicknamed "Mustard" during MK3's production to go with Sektor's "Ketchup," Cyrax took advantage of the development team's discovery of using palette-swapped characters in order to increase the number of playable fighters.  The yellow "cyberninja" differs from his crimson counterpart, using a variety of buzzsaws and holographic nets to put the hurtin' on his aggressors.  This Fatality was a unique one -- the automated Lin Kuei warrior takes himself out along with his opponent with a simple self-destruction command.  Roll another one off the assemble line; it's time for the next fight.

Self Destruction

7. Reptile's Acid Vomit Bath

Though Reptile's incarnation as a hidden challenger in the first game combined elements of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, the slithering soldier developed a polished set of exclusive moves in Mortal Kombat II.  His ability to disappear makes him a real chore, and his floating "force balls" have a habit of sending the competition careening across the screen.  Another useful tool at Reptile's disposal is his corrosive spit, which can be used as a projectile attack during the fight but can be lethal -- a blast of caustic puke is all it takes to reduce his opponents into piles of sizzling goop.

Acid Vomit Bath

6. Classic Sub-Zero's Ice Spike

The only character to appear in every single Mortal Kombat game, Sub-Zero's evolution through the saga is full of twists and turns.  "Classic" Sub-Zero was featured in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, bringing back all the moves of the fan-favorite and then some.  Although his Spine Rip Fatality from the first game stands out as one of his most iconic, the Ice Spike is marvelous in its own way.  A thunderous uppercut sends his opponent flying as the masked ninja crafts a towering frosted pike during the doomed soul's descent.  The result?  Instant rectal trauma.

Ice Spike

5. Shang Tsung's Soul Drain

Shang Tsung was one of the most gratifying fighters to control in Mortal Kombat II and 3.  Not only could his flaming skull projectiles be strung together with various kicks and punches to create mega-combos, but Tsung could morph into any other character in the game with the right button prompt, giving the player instant access to pretty much every move in the game.  Tsung feeds off the life force of his fallen opponents, and in the following demonstration, the rejuvenated dark wizard shows off his spirit-squeezing skills.  Maybe he should use a strainer; I have pulp in my soul juice.

Soul Drain

4. Sub-Zero's Lift & Freeze Breaker

A direct ancestor of the Cryomancers, an extinct class of beings able to manipulate ice at their discretion, Sub-Zero was sent to neutralize Shang Tsung in the first tournament.  He was believed to have been killed by his nemesis Scorpion, but the slick scout returned under mysterious circumstances in Mortal Kombat 3, unmasked and carrying a bundle of new and creative signature attacks.  The Lift & Freeze Breaker showcases Sub-Zero's incredible strength as he gorilla presses his opponent, solidifies him inside a chilly cocoon and busts him into bloody smithereens.

Lift & Freeze Breaker

3. Sheeva's Skin Peel

Making another appearance on this countdown is Sheeva, the four-armed bodyguard of Queen Sindel.  The green-blooded Shokan femme fatale was introduced in MK3 as a villain but soon became skeptical of Shao Kahn after he appointed Montaro, leader of the Shokan's eternal enemies the Centaurs, as head of his extermination squads invading the Earthrealm.  Sheeva's Skin Peel Fatality incorporates little logic but is a blast to perform, the brutish bitch grabbing four handfuls of her opponent's flesh before skinning him alive, leaving behind nothing but a pink dripping corpse.

Skin Peel

2. Kano's Skeletal Rip

The Black Dragon mercenary boss Kano joined the other six selectable fighters in the original Mortal Kombat, quickly becoming a favorite to gamers due to his ultra-cool knife attacks and his implanted laser beam eyepiece.  His feud with Sonya Blade was one of the longest-running conflicts of the series, the ruthless criminal always keeping one step ahead of his would-be captor.  Kano's Heart Pull from the first game is memorable for being one of his best finishing moves, but it's almost impossible to top the Skeletal Rip.  For my money, there's only one other Fatality that trumps it...

Skeletal Rip

1. Smoke's World Ender

A one-time ally of Sub-Zero in their crusade against the Lin Kuei, Smoke is captured and automated along with Cyrax and Sektor in order to hunt down the ice-launching assassin.  A hidden non-playable character in MKII borrowing several moves from other fighters, Smoke received his own special attacks and Fatalities in part 3.  This Fatality stands as hands-down the most ridiculous one of the entire original trilogy.  A lesson in overkill, Smoke discharges a flood of bombs that not only obliterate his opponent, but the entire planet as well.  Smoke if ya got 'em?

World Ender

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