PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures

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With the fast pace every day life can hurtle by, it is easy to forget how much pleasure can stem from simple occurrences.  These "simple pleasures" are more than mere, cheap soap and lotion brands.  They are what bridge the gap between the "big events" and the everyday mundane blandness.  I, and my fellow PixelatedPop compatriots, are here to not only identify such simple pleasures, but to pay tribute to them as only we know how.


It may take ten minutes of adjusting, but once you get it right, its death to anyone whom changes it.



Ok, maybe you only need hit the machine that hard if it robs you.  However, who here hasn't rocked a vending machine back and forth when a "dangler" catches the eye?



Allow me to paint a picture for you.  Its Christmas morning.  Cold wind is blowing snow in the air outside.  The inside is lit only by the colorful glow of the Christmas tree.  To warm yourself, you not only make hot cocoa, but you throw your Christmas quilt in the dryer for a quick spell.  Under the quilt and with cocoa in hand, you begin to rip open gifts.  If you didn't just get wood from reading that, then I'm sorry you live in such an awful country.



Batman can't always slink back to the cave shrouded in darkness.  Sometimes, the sun is already up and he says, "Fuck it.  I'm getting blueberry cake doughnuts before I go home."



Getting to ride a roller coaster 4-6 times in a hour is blissful.  Rocky Balboa would agree.  Unless its the Rocky V version...I don't think his brain could take the rattling. 


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