PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures 2

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With the fast pace every day life can hurtle by, it is easy to forget how much pleasure can stem from simple occurrences.  These "simple pleasures" are more than mere, cheap soap and lotion brands.  They are what bridge the gap between the "big events" and the everyday mundane blandness.  I, and my fellow PixelatedPop compatriots, are here to not only identify such simple pleasures, but to pay tribute to them as only we know how.


Here, we see Macho Man Randy Savage letting his friends know what row he wants to sit in. 



In this slouching economy, many of us are referring to our wallets and billfolds as "my precious."



They had a computer program for nearly everything you could think of and they wasted their time on Keanu Reeves.



Oops!  Looks like Marty is gonna have to hit 88 m.p.h. in order to get that parking spot!



Looks like Marty got it this time!  Considering how hungry he looks, I bet Winston wishes he could jack the Delorean so he could feed Slimer before he got hypoglycemic...

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