Top 25 South Park Episodes

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With the beginning of season sixteen looming on the horizon, I've still had one rather daunting task hanging over my head: the completion of my list of favorite South Park episodes.  I was actually first motivated towards creating this list several years ago when I read a similar list posted by a prominent web site.  There were several choices which I felt did not belong on their list of greatest South Park episodes.  The greatest of these errors came in the form of their number one pick, "Fat Butt and Pancake Head."  Now, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but after reading the reasoning for the choices on their list, I felt like they had completely missed what it is that truly makes South Park great.  At that moment, I vowed to write a comprehensive list, detailing the best of the show and why these episodes should be considered as such.  Note to readers: all episodes can be viewed for free at  So now, I present to you, the first of five installments of PixelatedPop's Top 25 South Park Episodes!

Chef - "I'M GONNA MAKE LOVE TO your asshole, children."

25: The Return Of Chef (Season 10) - I know that this one is chock full o' lowbrow humor, but its just too silly not to laugh at.  My friends and I have been quoting it ever since it opened up the tenth season.  The touching speech given at Chef's funeral reflects just how the crew of the show felt about Isaac Hayes, despite the unceremonious way he left.  Its unfortunate that the world will never get to see Isaac reunite with the South Park team.  I believe that in his time on the show, Mr. Hayes displayed a great deal of comedic talent and his presence will be sorely missed.

Dr. Shay (on an infomercial) - "Hello, I'm Dr. Richard Shay, here to tell you about my exciting new drug-free treatment for children with Attention Deficit Disorder.  This treatment is fast and effective and it doesn't use harmful drugs.  Watch closely as I apply treatment to the first child. (SMACK) SIT DOWN AND STUDY!"

24: Timmy 2000 (Season 4) - "Timmy 2000" is the first episode centered around the "handicapable" character Timmy.  Despite his extremely limited vocabulary, Timmy becomes the lead singer of The Lords of the Underworld after stumbling upon a practice session.  Elsewhere, the rest of the children weasel out of doing their homework by pretending to have A.D.D.  Much controversy surrounded the addition of a handicapped child to the show's stable of characters.  The news-media believed this to be another attempt at "tasteless humor" by the show.  This attitude was quickly extinguished over time as the character was used more.  Shortly after this episode, the creators made it clear to the viewers that the characters of the show saw Timmy as an intellectual equal to the rest of the boys.  Matt and Trey also used this episode to express their distaste on the overuse of psychostimulants for children.  Isaac Hayes stated that this was one of his favorite episodes because he agreed with the creators' stance on the overuse of Ritalin.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way -- This episode premiered shortly after South Park lost in the "Best Original Song in a Musical or Comedy" category at the Oscars that year.  With the sting of losing still fresh in their minds, Matt and Trey used this episode to take their frustrations out on the winner of said category: Phil Collins.  If you pay close enough attention at the end, you can see Phil Collins crowd surfing with his Oscar unwillingly jammed up his ass.  I supposed they were just showing him where he could stick it.  Seeing the pink Christina Aguilera monsters crawling on Cartman makes me miss the days when the show used actual cut-out pictures for celebrity's faces. 

Stan - "Dude!  The video game just gave Kenny a seizure!"

23: Chinpokomon (Season 3) - This is one of the first episodes to really hook me into South Park.  All of the South Park kids find themselves mesmerized by the new "Chinpokomon" cartoon.  Kenny remains glassy-eyed for most of the duration of the episode after the seizure he suffers while playing the Chinpokomon video game.  Considering the vast talent of Trey Parker, it may not surprise fanatics to know that he actually majored in Japanese in college!  When you break the word "chinpokomon" down, it actually means "penis monster" in Japanese.  Fans of the show are offered a nice continuity treat as Cartman continually has to slap the mice off of the glassy-eyed Kenny and exclaim "He's not dead yet!"  After watching this, all I could think was, I wish the Alabama Man action figure was real, so I could buy it.  Wild Wacky Action Bike looked pretty sweet too.

Cartman - "I have an idea that's totally tits!  Look...I don't know why the tooth fairy is so cool to me.  Maybe she's hot for me...I don't know.  But if we all chip in with teeth, then I can hide them under my pillow and we can get enough money to buy a Sega Dreamcast!"

22: Tooth Fairy Tats 2000 (Season 4) - There aren't any deep lessons to be learned, no issues or hot topics discussed, and no celebrities on the chopping block.  Just a simple, fun episode that is "totally tits."  The boys spend the majority of their time in this episode abusing the good name of the "tooth fairy" in order to raise enough money for a Sega Dreamcast.  I love the sad piano track that plays when each boy finds out that the tooth fairy isn't real.  This is the episode that Timmy actually makes his controversial debut in.  An action figure has been made from this episode featuring Cartman dressed as the tooth fairy and I want it!

Cartman - "Mom, bathroom!"

21: Make Love, Not Warcraft (Season 10) - The creators of South Park and Blizzard Entertainment teamed up for an exercise in excellence for this Emmy-winning episode.  I was relieved to see that Blizzard actually used their game engine to assist in animating the episode, instead of having the South Park crew animate mock-footage.  The boys of South Park, along with the rest of the world.....of Warcraft, run into some trouble with a rogue player that kills everyone he sees.  The four main boys dedicate a few months of their lives to improving their character's experience points.  In doing so, the boys become fat, lazy slobs.  Cartman, even more so.  Matt and Trey were even able to make good use of Paul Stanley's (of KISS fame) song "Live To Win."  I was almost in tears after I saw Cartman command his mom into the basement with a bedpan so he wouldn't have to leave his computer.

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