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Jimmy - "Wha, what, what's the m-matter, f-fellas? Are you ninjas or p-p-p-pussies?"

20: Good Times With Weapons (Season 8) - Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny all buy deadly weapons and go on ninja adventures in one of the most popular of all of South Park's episodes.  The animators really had their work cut out for them as nearly half of the episode was animated in a different style.  As the boys become their ninja alter-egos, they morph into what appear to be "Street Fighter" characters in an anime style.  Not only was the animation in the anime style, but the musical score was as well.  In the oddly-catchy "Let's Fighting Love," Trey Parker sings in Japanese with bits of English words scattered throughout the song.  For those of you wondering, the Japanese spoken in this song is not gibberish, but real words and phrases.  This fact is not surprising to those that know that Mr. Parker majored in both music and Japanese while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Butters (As Marjorie) – “I’m just a typical little girl.  I like dancing and ponies and getting my snootch pounded on Friday nights.”

19: Marjorine (Season 9) - "Marjorine" is the only episode on this list to be written entirely (credited) by Matt Stone.  This is one of the best Butters-centered episodes that has ever been made.  When the boys find out that the girls have a "future-telling device" in their possession, they fake Butters' death so that he may infiltrate the girls' ranks.  This episode is a classic example of the "boys vs. girls" storylines that comprise the backbone of the South Park universe.  After some spy work on the girls, the boys, led by Cartman, "kill off" Butters by faking his suicide.  Afterwards, Butters carries the majority of the episode while disguised as the new girl "Marjorine."  The boys eventually apprehend "the device" and ultimately decide to destroy it.  Near the end of the episode, Kenny demonstrates his demolition skills on "the device," nearly blowing Colorado off the map.  Mona Marshall provides some excellent voice work in this episode as her character, Linda Stotch, spends the majority of the episode mourning the supposed loss of her son.  This story highlights just how well the South Park team has been able to flesh out so many of the children characters.

Cartman (When talking to Kyle about sex) - "What's to understand? You get a boner, slap her titties around, then stick it inside her and pee."

18: Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy (Season 10) - When Ike and his kindergarten teacher start a relationship together in this episode, it takes the skill of "Dawg The Hall Monitor" to bring the teacher to justice.  This episode parodies the real-life teacher / student statutory rape cases that were being reported in abundance in the news, 5-10 years ago.  The adult males' reactions to Ike and his teacher's relationship is pretty blasé.  When a hot teacher sleeps with a young, male student, Ike in this case, it is hard to keep other men from high-fiving each other at said news.  Seeing Cartman dressed up as "Dog The Bounty Hunter" is all anyone should need to sit through this episode.  The fact that this is one of South Park's better episodes is just icing on the cake.

Mr.Garrison - (To his father) "Sure, you can go out and screw every whore on Rhode Island, but when it came to your own son, you were just TOO BUSY!"

17: World Wide Recorder Concert (Season 3) - This episode is only one of two on this list that is entirely directed by Eric Stough, the man that the character of Butters is based on.  The boys find themselves in the midst of the "largest third grade recorder concert ever" in Arkansas, Mr. Garrison's home state.  Cartman hatches a plan to unleash the "brown note" (a frequency low enough to make your bowels loosen) and ends up causing world-wide havoc as everyone on earth craps their pants.  Mr. Garrison proves how ass-backwards Arkansas is believed to be when it is found out that he is upset that his father DIDN'T molest him as a child.  This episode produces one of my favorite quotes ever as Mr. Garrison's father tries to talk his problem over with his bar mates.  He asks "Would you have sex with your own son to save his life?"  The bar mates take it as a joke and extend it until the bartender says, "If a killer put a knife to my throat and said 'have sex with your mother or I'm gonna kill your father while having sex with you', I would have sex with myself."

Cartman - "Kyle, when have I ever ripped on you for being a Jew?"

16: Casa Bonita (Season 7) - It's Kyle's birthday and the big celebration is set for the theme park-style restaurant Casa Bonita.  Unfortunately for Cartman, Kyle wants Butters as the third party-goer, not Eric.  Ever the vigilante schemer, Cartman devises a plan to ensure that he attends Kyle's birthday bash.  Naturally, Cartman's plan involves tricking Butters.  More specifically, Cartman tells Butters that the world is going to end and that he needs to seek shelter.  Despite Butters' credulity, Cartman has difficulty keeping his plan together.  The episode isn't the normal outrageous or even overly vulgar, but it is solid, from start to finish.  If Cartman only had three loves in the world, they would be games, food, and theme parks.  So when he is denied access to Casa Bonita, a place that combines all three, it angers him in a way that only hippies and Kyle can.  In all honesty, I would probably do a few heinous deeds in order to go to a party at a remarkable restaurant like Casa Bonita (which actually exists in Denver).  To me, the highlight of the episode is when Butters tries to proposition the woman at the junkyard into "repopulating the Earth."  He doesn't even wait for an answer before he pulls his pants down.  Good strategy, Butters.

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