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Gerald - "Back Door Sluts 9' makes 'Crotch Capers 4' look like 'Naughty Nurses 2!"

10: The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers  (Season 6) -   As the boys are completely enveloped in their own Lord of the Rings universe, a quest to deliver a videotape to the Stotch home is given unto them by Randy Marsh.  A porno is accidentally delivered and the boys get sent on a journey that is more than they barganed for.   This is one of the finest homages to the Lord of the Rings series that I've ever seen.  While the South Park boys have always been able to impressively use their imaginations, they are unrivaled in the scale and organization of said imaginations.  As the boys are completely enveloped in their own Lord of the Rings universe, a quest to deliver a videotape to the Stotch home is given unto them by Randy Marsh.  I like how some of the boys from earlier grades are allowed to play along with the fourth graders.  This episode features one of the funnier screw-ups from the now infamous character of Kevin.  While dressed in LOTR garb, all of the boys gather to discuss what to do with the cursed videotape.  In the middle of the discussion, Kevin, with a Stormtrooper helmet on, chimes in with "perhaps we can use it to strengthen our star cruisers."  The running gag with the porno, Back Door Sluts 9, between all of the men is a nice touch.  This episode is favored by so many because of the now iconic transformation of Butters into a Gollum-like character, whom is desperate to be reunited with his "precious" videotape.

Jimbo (After seeing National Guard members surrounded by Confederate soldiers) -  "The entire state of South Carolina showed up!"

9: The Red Badge of Gayness (Season 3) - Cartman dresses up as General Lee and tries to lead a group of drunk, Confederate, Civil War Reenactors to glory.  Is there anything else you really need to know?  The scenes with the narrated letters and pictures floor me every time.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker have stated that the southern accent that they adopted for Cartman in this episode had a natural feel for the character, which is why Cartman can occasionally be heard pronouncing certain words in a southern-like accent.  Sadly, Mary Kay Bergman, the woman responsible for most of the female voices on the show, committed suicide.  Out of respect, the female speaking parts were almost completely cut out and this show was dedicated to the memory of Ms. Bergman.   

Butters - "I was up there poundin' my wiener for two days straight, and finally, I thought about Stan's mom's boobs, and this little tiny spooge of this white stuff came out!"

8: Lil' Crime Stoppers  (Season 7) - The four boys go from playing detective to doing actual police work in this parody of traditional cop movies and procedural cop television shows.  As it turns out, the "bad guys" in this episode end up being their own worst enemies as they all basically kill themselves while defending against the imaginary weaponry of the boys.  If it weren't for the fact that the drug dealers were able to kill each other, I would've said that their aim was worse that that of Stormtroopers.  In this episode, we are introduced to "The Peppermint Hippo," the popular South Park strip club.  A couple of South Park's long-running gags are started here, such as the hierarchy of police order, which involves a law enforcement official claiming they are in charge, only to have a higher-ranking official declare "Not anymore you're not!"  

Cartman - "Wall-Mart? are you speaking to me?... My friends... Trying to hurt you again? Yes Wall-Mart, I understand."

7: Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes (Season 8) - After years of being on the map, South Park finally becomes a "real town" when a Wall-Mart opens up for business.  As the residents of SP find out, there seems to be a sinister force driving the Wall-Mart name.  As someone that has worked for the real Walmart on several occasions, I can tell you that I am almost certain that the sinister force is legitimate.  In all seriousness, the social commentary made in this episode is very real.  "Mom and Pop" stores are dying out because of the low prices and large selections offered by giant retailers.  As in real life, the townsfolk find that low prices and operating hours of Wall-mart are just too tempting to avoid for long.  When they can buy three copies of Timecop for only $18, how could they possibly stay away?  This episode is another great testament to the ridiculousness of Randy Marsh.  Randy had been prominently featured in episodes before, but it is after the performance here that he really became a vehicle for the show.  When Randy is caught rubbing his man-boob against the window while looking out at Wall-mart, he sealed his fate as an upper-tier character.  As the boys notice Wall-mart's affect on their main street stores, they (except Cartman) vow to destroy the retail giant so that order may be restored.  Once the boys find and destroy the "heart of Wall-mart" (in a very funny Matrix: Reloaded parody), the stores implodes and does as so many characters who died in the episode did before it: crapped itself.

Alan Jackson - "Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?  Did it make you feel like crying, or did ya think it was kinda gay?  Well I, for one, believe in the ladder to heaven.  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,  9-11."

6: A Ladder To Heaven  (Season 6) - (Woah-oh-oh-oh) For the longest time, this was my favorite episode of SP.  To me, this is a "1-2 punch" kind of episode.  Allow me to elaborate.  Every good bit in this episode is almost immediately followed up with another funny bit.  It is just a barrage of one good joke after another.  Let me elaborate even further.  In short order, it swings from the Cartman covered in buckets at the candy shopping spree, to the robot guard at Kenny's, to Cartman drinking the "chocolate milk mix," to the news report with everyone dramatically crying, to Alan Jackson's song, to Alan Jackson jacking-off at the sight of his cd sales.  All of this happens within the first quarter of the show.  To sum it up; you're gonna need an oxygen tank to get through these 22 minutes.

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