31 Greatest 1980s Horror Films

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Welcome to PixelatedPop's 31 Greatest 1980s Horror Films!  Starting today, we will begin counting down our favorite horror movies of the 1980s with a new installment being revealed every Monday in October!  Can you guess what will be #1?

As far as I'm concerned, the 1980s was a golden decade when it comes to horror films.  It was a simpler time when practical effects reigned supreme, before the 90s came along and CGI locked a sleeper hold on Hollywood.  I was exposed to horror movies at a young age; I remember spending weekends shuffling through Full Moon and Troma films at the video store as well as watching TNT's MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs every Saturday night.  I loved the gore and monster make-up just as much now as I did back then, and this list is set to reflect that love that carries on today.

This is obviously a completely opinionated list, and there are a few rules.  With this countdown, I wanted to focus on the horror aspects of each movie included.  Most horror films tend to blend in elements from other genres that take away from the scariness of the picture.  Movies such as Aliens, Predator and They Live, while all excellent films, won't be appearing on this list because of their high action and science fiction content.  Conversely, horror comedies like Beetlejuice, The Monster Squad and The Toxic Avenger, as well as the 1986 musical Little Shop Of Horrors and the supernatural comedy classic Ghostbusters won't be a part of the list either.  I also didn't want to flood the countdown with tons of sequels, so unless I really believed one deserved a spot, don't expect to see Friday the 13th Parts 2 through 137 included on this list.

We here at PixelatedPop hope you enjoy this month-long countdown in preparation for Halloween 2012!  Go to the next page to begin!

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