A PixelatedPop Interview: Amber Peach

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When I stumbled on the chance to interview adult film star Amber Peach, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had questions aplenty for her.  (Journalistic-type questions, ya freak-nasties.)  Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes in the adult industry?  Well if you have, then I welcome you to enjoy my interview with the lovely Ms. Amber Peach.


She was pondering my questions when this picture was taken.


Adam:  How did your adult film career start?  Did someone "discover" you or did you actively seek out employment within the industry?

Amber:  I actively looked for employment in the industry.  I was dancing up in San Francisco and I hated it.  I've never really liked dancing and there have only been a few clubs  where I've actually enjoyed working, due mostly to the girls I worked with and the "vibe" of the club.  I actually ended up in SF as the result of a music industry guy I met who said he wanted to "put me in music videos."  I was young and dumb and fell for it.  I let him fly me to SF, but I wasn’t dumb enough to agree to what he *really* had planned for me.  So naturally I left, not knowing anyone in SF, and started hustling in the strip clubs.  I had been there maybe three weeks when someone told me I should do porn.  It just so happened that I had a good friend from high school visiting a friend of her's in L.A. the next week, so I packed up my car and headed down.  I spent the weekend with her partying and being a tourist in LA and the following Monday, I went to World Modeling.  I planned to go back home but as soon as my test came in, I had bookings.  The rest is history.


Pictured above: Ms. Peach working on-set.

Adam:  Because of your penchant for cooking and craft-making, you have referred to yourself as the "Martha Stewart of Porn."  I also dabble in the culinary arts.  I personally tweaked a recipe for peanut butter sesame chicken that would knock your socks off.  For me, my mother's impoverished cooking ability is what attracted me to begin crafting meals.  (Sorry, mom!)  What attracted you to the art of food preparation?  Do you like cooking for large groups of people?  What is your favorite dish to make?

Amber:  Let me first say, others started calling me the "Martha Stewart of Porn" and I just went with it.  I in no way want to infringe on the Martha Stewart brand name so, please Martha, don’t sue me.  I would, however, be happy to be on your show, Martha!  Anyway…  Yeah, I've always liked cooking.  I started experimenting in the kitchen at a pretty young age because I was home by myself a lot and got tired of eating hot pockets.  I like to see the pleasure people get from eating my food, so yeah, I love to cook for people, big groups or small.  I guess to me, its the same as porn.  I like to see people happy and those are the two things that I see make people happiest; food and sex!  I don’t really have a favorite dish, though I do like to perfect the ones I already know.

Adam:  Is it true that you were poised to host your own adult-themed cooking show?

Amber:  Yes, but the network went out of business before it could get started.  It wasn’t exactly porn themed though.  It would've been more like "Naked News," where a special guest and I would be in sexy lingerie.  There would be sexiness but no nudity or sex, just enough "T and A" to keep a guy's attention.

Adam:  That sounds WAY better than watching Guy Fieri stuff his fat face and say "oh, that's so good" for 30 minutes.  Would you have considered it dangerous to cook topless?

Amber:  Yes, I have popped myself with bacon grease a few times.  You have to be very careful!

Adam:  Yeah, I've done that a few times myself...while topless.  As a red-blooded man, I have viewed an adult DVD or two.  One of the features I especially enjoy from official studio DVDs are the blooper reels.  Could you describe for us a particularly memorable on-set prank that you witnessed or were a part of?

Amber:  Well I used to work for Bishop over at West Coast Productions and he loved to pull pranks on me, so there are quite a few of those floating around.  But I've gotten caught on camera busting my ass many times.  I'm extremely clumsy and when I add six inch heels, its just a disaster waiting to happen...

Adam:  I can imagine it would be difficult to walk in six inch heels across a tiled floor when you don't have your ankles taped up like a football player.  I don't intend to be crass, but I feel that its safe to assume that a woman's "time of the month" could make scheduling problematic or even ruin a shoot.  Has modern medicine made this easier to deal with, or is careful planning a necessity with this issue?

Amber:  There are other ways around it, but that’s an industry secret.  And no, you don’t get to take off just because its your "time."  It is nice to try to plan around it, but sometimes that’s impossible.

Adam:  Have you ever had an evening ruined because an unknowing date suddenly recognized you from your work?

Amber:  Yes… a date, my boss, etc…  And even if they don’t say anything, I always wonder in the back of my mind if they know.  I think that’s why people tend to date each other within the industry.  Its just easier that way… or to stay single.

Adam:  That must be difficult to have to use that sort of filter when assessing whom to date.  Of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg, as it has been noted that the life of an adult film star can be littered with problems.  I assume a great deal of problems come from common misconceptions amongst the uneducated/religious zealots about adult film stars.  Amber, if you would assist me, I would like to help educate the masses past these misconceptions.  One such distortion is that adult film stars are "dirty, disease-spreaders."  Such a statement could be considered slanderous, as the industry has had rigidly-organized STD and HIV testing in place for well over a decade.   A new testing program has been put together this year in the form of the APHSS (Adult Production Health and Safety Services).  Could you please inform us a little on the new industry testing requirements?

Amber:  Yes, there are rigorous tests in place, but there are lobbyist and so called "non-profit" groups that are solely out there to spread lies about the adult industry.  And yes, most of these groups are funded by religious zealots who cant just leave consenting adults alone.  As far as the new testing standards go, Talent Testing Service is the new standard testing lab for the adult industry.  We use what’s called a PCR-DNA test for HIV, which means it shows up in testing within 72 hours of exposure.  In addition to that, they also screen us for various treatable STD’s.  And no matter what anyone has heard, NO ONE actively performing in the adult industry has HIV or AIDS and they have no way to fake their test.  These tests have a chain of command and can always be verified by calling the testing facility.

Adam:  In January, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has filed a proposal with L.A. County that would require condoms to be worn during all adult film shoots.  Recently, the ballot measure received enough signatures to be eligible for a vote measure in November.  If this were to be voted in, do you believe it would adversely affect the industry?   Do you believe L.A. County *should* enforce this as law?

Amber:  Unfortunately, I do think its gonna pass, but only because of misinformation and ignorance.  Condoms will not only make testing decrease in the industry, but it also puts us more at risk.  We shoot anywhere between 30 minutes to over an hour and condoms aren’t made to last the amount of time we shoot.  The friction can make condoms break, not to mention that condoms rub women’s parts raw, therefore exposing women to a greater risk and just general discomfort.

Adam:  Another popular misconception about the adult entertainment business is that performers engage in or are pressured into drug-use.  Do you see cases of hard drug abuse (prescription medication, cocaine, heroin) among your coworkers and if so, do you see enough to consider it be a marring problem?

Amber:  The people in the industry that do drugs did so before they were in the industry and will continue after they leave, they just have more money to buy them now.  The hard drug users don’t make it in the industry very long.  People get tired of dealing with their drama.  But the idea that performers are pressured into drug use is false.  I mean, someone might offer you some of their drugs, but they aren’t gonna force you.  If you say no, they respect that.

Adam:  The adult entertainment enterprise, possibly more so than Hollywood, places extreme importance on physical appearance.  Taking into account all of the cosmetic surgeries had by the actors and actresses, do you think the industry has an "image problem?"  Is there too much pressure on the performers to constantly improve their appearance, or are the performers really using cosmetic enhancements to placate their own self-esteem issues?

Amber:  A bit of both, really.

Adam:  Do you feel any pressures in your dating life because of your wish to continue to be gainfully employed in the adult entertainment industry?

Amber:  I don’t really date.  Most guys can't handle what I do, or did, unless I'm willing to "talk shit about it," sort of "repent" in a way, which I refuse to do.  If someone cannot take me how I am, I don’t want them.  I'm not gonna pretend to be something I'm not so someone will love me.

Adam:  Based on your knowledge from other performers, as well as your own experiences, do you think working in the adult industry makes it difficult to maintain healthy, long term relationships?

Amber:  Difficult, but not impossible.  I've met a few great couples that have been together for years and love each other very much.  The key is honesty.

Adam:  Lastly, I want to lighten the mood back up.  I leave you with a question that I have always wondered about: How do you handle being scheduled with a performer that you don't like/don't get along with?

Amber:  I don’t work with them!  We get to make that choice.  If I didn’t know I wasn’t gonna like him (he turns out to be an asshole), I try to grin and bare it, finish the scene professionally, and then put him on my "No" list.  I never put someone on my "No" list unless I know them.

I would like to thank Amber for granting me this interview.  I'm sure she's received her fair-share of requests in her day, and could've easily passed on mine.  For those of you interested in some of Amber's other talents, you can read her piece on how "Obamacare" may affect the adult industry on the Huffington Post.  If horror movies are your thing, Ms. Peach has a starring role in an independent movie named Aberrations.  You may also follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MsAmberPeach

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