A PixelatedPop Project: My Resident Evil Diorama

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As I've demonstrated before, my love for Resident Evil knows very few bounds.  I've owned many of the Toy Biz produced R.E. action figures for a long time.  I always had the urge to display them "properly," but I never thought such a project would be possible.  I don't remember what finally inspired me to start this project, but a few months ago, I decided to piece together a small-scale, Resident Evil-themed diorama.  For the last three months, much of my time has obsessively been spent as the "Tim Taylor of miniatures."  The finished product turned into a diorama I never thought I'd be capable of creating.  I've chosen to share my hard work with you and I hope you enjoy my labor of love.

Now, on to the show!  First, I should probably explain my vision a bit.  I sought to build a roughly 1/14th scale diorama of two areas from inside the mansion from the first Resident Evil game, as well as a cemetery area outside.  The two inside areas include the "first encounter" hallway and the "piano bar" room (where characters are required to play Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata.")  The interior and exterior of the mansion are a style blend of the original R.E. game and the REmake. 

Screenshots of the "first encounter" hallway and mansion front from the Resident Evil remake.


Let's start with the inside...

Chris getting attacked by a zombie in the hallway.

The walls and the floor are made from foam board.  I found a fairly similar wallpaper pattern from the REmake and printed the pattern on sticker paper.  The floor patterns, doors, and paintings were also printed on sticker paper.  The door behind Chris was cut to open into the piano room.

Overhead shot of the zombie attack.


The nook corner of the hallway.

Laying on the floor in the corner is the dead body the zombie is found munching on in the games.  I found and used some perfectly scaled dollhouse furniture to round out this corner.  The television on top of the table doesn't technically belong there, but I had it, so I figured I'd use it.

Overhead shot of Jill in the piano room.

Dominating the center of the piano room...is a giant piano!  For a tiny piece of furniture, it was very expensive.  On the walls are three real mirrors, which were surprisingly inexpensive.  When I measured for all of the rooms, I used an actual screenshot of the in-game mansion map.  Unfortunately for me, the size of the rooms on the map were not all to scale with one another.  The piano room should've been much larger on the map.  Of course, I didn't figure that out until I had already measured and cut the foam board.  Even though this room won't be as exact as I wanted it to be, I'm ok with how it turned out.  I don't have the money for the tiny, fully stocked bar the room would need anyway.

...but she was blinded by the light...

For those that haven't played the games, this room has a special secret.  Eventually, your character finds sheet music for "Moonlight Sonata," and in an attempt to take a break from the zombie chase, you play the music on the piano.  Once finished, a panel in the wall opens up, revealing a secret room with an item for a puzzle.  I didn't have a tiny statue I could put in the secret room, but I did put in a little something that Resident Evil fans should recognize...

The inside and outside views of the secret room.

Let's move to the outside!



The front of the mansion.


Claire with a BFG...

Ahh...here's where most of the action figures come into play.  The ground is covered with Spanish moss.  It gives the scene a fall vibe, makes it seem...colder outside. 

There's just enough light to see your own murder as it happens.


A roving gang of spiders, preparing to attack Claire.


A graveyard...an unfortunate place for a dumping site...or so those red barrels would indicate...

Many of these pieces (headstones, barrels, fence pieces, etc...) were obtained through scouring hobby shops, dollar stores and craft places.  It takes an obsessive and watchful eye to find the kind of pieces you need for a project like this.

Even if Leon makes back to his feet, he'll have hazards abound to avoid.

As you can see, Leon is crawl-racing against a zombie to a shotgun.  At the end of the gateway is a water fountain with snakes slithering through the rocks.

Whom will reach the shotgun first??!?

Looks like Leon has trouble from the other side.  He's the creme filling in a very disgusting cookie.

I can't imagine the difficulty that Umbrella's accountants had when they tried to pull some money out of the Bio-Organic Weapons fund for advertising.

This gem stands atop the water fountain.  The lights in this sucker are exceedingly bright.  The advertisement actually came from the Resident Evil movie marketing campaign.

This zombie attack has been brought to you by Umbrella...

And here's how the action all looks together...

Welp, that's what I've been building for the last several months!  I hope you liked what you saw.  But know this...there will be more.  I am not done building.  Stay tuned...muahahaha!

George Romero could've done wonders with the RE movies...

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