PixelatedPop's Nickelodeon Extravaganza!

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It is quite possible that my life was saved by the awesomeness of the Nickelodeon channel during the 1990's.  The sheer abundance of quality programming alone would've been enough to keep any child constantly fixated.  When you add the toys, the magazine and the Universal Studios attraction into the mix, Nickelodeon was a powerhouse of entertainment.  It is difficult to express the impact that Nickelodeon had on my childhood.  Even today when I watch old Nick shows, like Ren & Stimpy and The Adventures of Pete & Pete, it isn't due primarily to nostalgia.  To some people of my generation, the grip Nickelodeon has on our souls is as mysterious as the identity of Mr. Tastee. 

In case you were wondering...

Well folks, that is why I am here.  As I have obsessed over this channel's body of work during that decade, consider me your vanguard into the awesome waters of 90's Nickelodeon.  Each week, I will be discussing an essential part of the Nick universe (game shows, Nicktoons, live-action shows, bumps & contests).  So, let's quit wasting time and get started!!?!


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