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Game Shows


During this month, I will be taking a look at three of Nickelodeon's awesome game shows from that period.  (You may be saying, "Weren't there more than three bad-ass game shows on during that decade?"  Yes.  Gotta save some of the fun for a Nickelodeon revisit in the future.)

Considered by many to be the show that really put Nickelodeon on the map, Double Dare was the first show filmed at the Nickelodeon Studios section of Universal Studios in Orlando.  Whether it was Super Sloppy (heh) or Family, Double Dare started with an immediate "physical challenge" between the two competing teams (red vs blue). The challenges tended to get a bit...messy.  In Family Double Dare, one beginning challenge saw a family member in a giant bowl of spaghetti.  Two other family members would have to toss a certain amount of "meatballs" into the bowl, and once that number was reached, the fourth family member would top off the bowl with spaghetti sauce.

First family to get shit-slopped, wins.

The winner of the challenge would win 20 bucks and control of the first trivia question.  From this point, host Marc Summers would explain the format to the contestants.  "I'm going to ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer, or think the other team hasn't got a clue, you can dare them to answer it for double the dollars. But be careful, because they can always double dare you back for four times the amount, and then you'll either have to answer the question or take the physical challenge."  In the single-team physical challenges, the contestants had 15 to 20 seconds to throw/catch/fill their way to an objective.  The physical challenges were worth quite a bit of money, but they were very difficult to complete.  Of course, if you employed a little bit of manipulative "strategery" around the trivia questions, you could stay clean from the sloppiness.  If you knew the answer to a question and thought your opponents didn't, you could easily rake in some cash.

Something tells me this team could manipulate their way to the top...

Naturally, the team with the most cash at the end of two rounds moves on to the main attraction: the slop-stacle course.

Its like being stepped on by a giant Fry-Guy...

You had 60 seconds to go through eight obstacles and capture the, possibly hidden, orange flags.  With each flag obtained, a prize would be won.

Some of the rad prizes you could win...

If you captured all eight flags in under sixty seconds, you could win an all-expenses-paid trip to Universal Studios Florida!!!  Where you currently are....  Or, you could possibly win a trip to Space Camp!!!  Which, admittedly, was probably a little more appealing 20 years ago.  But hey, who gives a frig about the prizes?  Going down the twisting sundae slide, stomping on the soda jerk, searching through a plate of man-sized, syrup-covered waffles, those are the real prizes.  I mean, who of us didn't want to pick through a giant, gak-filled nose, run on a giant hamster wheel, or slip down a gak-filled slide and out of a giant mouth?  You're gonna stand there and tell me you never thought about jumping in one wax-filled ear and coming out the other side to grab a flag?  No, you did.  You dreamed about it at night.  You fantasized about it while putting your Trapper Keeper in your backpack and getting on the bus.  You couldn't help but think about it when you were staring at the cafeteria food in the lunch line.  But now we are grown up and the show is long-gone.  How will we ever live out this childhood fantasy?

Its back!

At the Nick Hotel in Orlando, guests of the hotel have the opportunity to watch, and even compete, in live shows of a modernized version of Double Dare!  Who wants to swim in the hotel pool when they could drown in GREEN SLIME!  Considering the rates aren't much more expensive than a normal good hotel, I don't know how you could pass this up.  After all, this is the show that made game shows cool for kids.  Double Dare is a show that we dreamed about as much as the prizes they gave away.  The obstacle course was the ultimate playground.  But most of all, Double Dare was an appropriate, mom-approved place to be covered in non-toxic slime.

You know you always wanted this...


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