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20. All Superheroes Must Die

Release Date: January 4
Director: Jason Trost
Screenwriter: Jason Trost
Starring: Lucas Till, Sophie Merkley, Sean Whalen, Nick Principe, Jason Trost and James Remar

Originally premiering at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October 2011, All Superheroes Must Die (a.k.a. Vs) saw a limited release yesterday as one of 2013's earliest offerings.  Adhering to an ultra-low budget of less than $1 million, the film involves four superheroes who awaken stripped of their powers in a crime-ridden city.  Dexter and Django Unchained's James Remar plays Rickshaw, a common enemy of the heroes holding the lives of countless citizens in the palm of his hand.  In a twisted blend of Kick-Ass and the Saw franchise, Rickshaw forces the caped crusaders to tiptoe through a psychological minefield if they want any chance to defeat their nemesis once and for all.  This minimalist take on the superhero genre could get 2013 off to a thunderous beginning.


19. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Release Date: October 4
Directors: Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez
Screenwriters: Frank Miller & William Monahan
Starring: Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Jamie Chung and Michael Madsen

2005's Sin City was an explosion of comic awesomeness, a fast-paced crowd pleaser that brought artist Frank Miller's mostly black-and-white world to life on the big screen.  Eight years after the original, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For shoots for an October release following years of adjustments to the script, scheduling conflicts and other unforeseen problems.  Some characters were recast, including Brittany Murphy's Shellie and Michael Clarke Duncan's Manute, both actors having died before production started for the sequel.  Thankfully, most of the surviving characters from Part 1 return in this three-segment follow-up, two of the stories serving as prequels to the original movie.  Once a preview is released, expect to see this one light up Hollywood's radar later this year.

Trailer Coming Soon!

18. A Good Day to Die Hard

Release Date: February 14
Director: John Moore
Screenwriter: Skip Woods
Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir, Cole Hauser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Bruce Willis, perhaps the most celebrated action star of all time, suits up for his fifth appearance as New York City's unstoppable super-cop John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard.  This time around, McClane faces his first international conflict, journeying to Russia to find himself embroiled in -- what else? -- a terrorist plot to take over the world.  John immediately bonds with his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney of TV's Spartacus: Blood And Sand), a CIA operative attempting to follow in dad's footsteps as the next ultimate thrillseeker.  In an October 2010 MTV interview, Willis said, "I want to do Die Hard 5, then one final Die Hard movie before finally hanging that white vest up for good."  If this installment wins moviegoers over, expect to see Die Hardest: Die Hard 6 by 2016.


17. Carrie

Release Date: October 18
Director: Kimberly Peirce
Screenwriter: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Gabriella Wilde and Julianne Moore

When it comes to the third adaptation of any story, in most cases, the final product becomes a needless exercise in repetition.  This retelling of the 1974 Stephen King novel promises to stick closer to the source material than the 1976 film, and in the capable hands of Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry), this looks to outdo its predecessor in every way imaginable.  The two shining stars are Chloë Grace Moretz, who first stole our hearts as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass, as the titular tormented teen equipped with nasty supernatural tendencies, and Julianne Moore as her psycho-religious mother who believes she is losing her daughter to the forces of darkness.  While some may roll their eyes at yet another rehash, it's gotta be better than the 2002 made-for-TV remake... right?


16. The ABCs Of Death

Release Date: March 8
Directors: Nacho Viga, Adrián García Bogliano, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Marcel Sarmiento, Angela Bettis & more
Screenwriters: Nacho Vigalondo, Adrián García Bogliano, Noboru Iguchi, Ti West, Lee Hardcastle & more
Starring: Dallas Malloy, Erik Aude, Kyra Zagorsky, Iván González, Sarah Bonrepaux and Peter Pedrero

Anthology horror movies are a tough breed to tame -- a collection of shorts from three or four directors sometimes results in an uneven viewing experience for its audience.  The ABCs Of Death scoffs at its forebearers, this gore-laced extravaganza made up of 26 separate stories from 26 different directors.  Each chapter takes a letter of the alphabet and assigns it a twisted yet creative means of extermination -- B Is For Bigfoot, O Is For Orgasm, S Is For Speed, T Is For Toilet, and F Is For Fart -- just to name a few.  Debuting at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, The ABCs Of Death has already garnered admiration from horror aficionados everywhere for its no-holds-barred approach to an underutilized sub-genre.


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