Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

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For a decade, the Elimination Chamber has been utilized to separate the boys from the men in the WWE.  Cheerfully dubbed "Satan's Prison," the solid steel structure was birthed into existence in late 2002 by former World Championship Wrestling President Eric Bischoff -- standing 16 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter, two miles of chain encase the six superstars inside, the 16 total tons of metal enveloping them until only one man is left standing.  The Elimination Chamber borrows elements from the Royal Rumble (wrestlers enter the match at timed intervals), the classic Survivor Series match (competitors are eliminated via pinfall or submission) and WCW's War Games (chaotic action involving several caged grapplers) and remains one of the most physically draining matches ever conducted in the company's history.  In observation of tonight's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, PixelatedPop presents the Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches!

WWE Championship Match:
Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena vs. Kofi Kingston vs.
Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Triple H
Elimination Chamber 2010

Hot off of his controversial WWE Championship win against John Cena at December's Tables Ladders & Chairs, the Celtic Warrior Sheamus stepped into the dreaded Chamber for the first time with his gold on the line.  To the surprise of viewers the world over, Randy Orton faced elimination first, bashed in the skull with a lead pipe thrown into the ring by his crony Cody Rhodes on the outside.  Ted DiBiase, the third member of Orton's Legacy stable, committed the dirty deed and pinned his leader, proving that alliances cease inside these chained walls.  Unfortunately for the son of the Million Dollar Man, DiBiase would make his exit next thanks to the Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston.  Sheamus pinned Kingston following the High Cross, but then Triple H cut off the rookie's steam, pinning the champion following the Pedigree.  With the title momentarily vacant, Cena caught The Game off guard, trapping Triple H in his STF submission hold to capture his eighth World Championship.  Cena's celebration was short-lived, however, losing his newly-won belt to Batista in an impromptu contest ordered by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon just minutes later.

WWE Championship Match:
Edge (c) vs. Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy vs.
Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Vladimir Kozlov
No Way Out 2009

Part of the appeal of the Elimination Chamber is its unpredictability -- competitors can be ejected at any moment and the champion holds no real advantage over his opponents inside the steel.  These two facts became most evident when Edge, the ever-cocky WWE Champion heading into this match, was eliminated first due to a spear attempt turned into an inside cradle by Jeff Hardy.  Though Edge would get his revenge later in the evening (and later on in this list), at this point, a new champion was guaranteed to be crowned with the outcome of this contest.  A Last Ride compliments of Undertaker banished Vladimir Kozlov from his only Chamber appearance, and a death-defying Swanton Bomb by Hardy from the top of one of the pods put out the 500-lb. Big Show.  Hardy would then be pinned by Taker following the Tombstone Piledriver, leaving only The Phenom and The Game left to battle for the gold.  Undertaker hit a Tombstone on Triple H, but the crafty veteran broke the count by placing his foot on the bottom rope.  Minutes later, Triple H scored one final Pedigree to cover The Deadman and once again claim the WWE Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg vs.
Kevin Nash vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
Summerslam 2003

Bill Goldberg might have been a dominating force during his stint in WCW, but once he landed in the WWE, none of his previous successes in the now-defunct company mattered.  Although his popularity carried over to his new home, this match was just one example of how Goldberg's character in the 'E was greatly mishandled.  Kevin Nash, another former WCW stand-out, bit the dust via a superkick by Shawn Michaels and a roll-up by Chris Jericho, but before leaving the Chamber, Big Sexy delivered a brutal pair of Jackknife Powerbombs to both Jericho and Randy Orton on his way out.  Once released from his pod, Goldberg ran roughshod over the competition, eliminating Orton, Michaels and Jericho all in a row with a fury of spears and Jackhammers, thereby showcasing about 80% of his move-set in a matter of minutes.  Any fan could have predicted that this would eventually come down to Goldberg and defending World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, which it did, but not with the typical "send the fans home happy" ending most expected.  Let's just say that The Game called on an old "friend" to escape the Chamber with his World title intact.

WWE Championship Match:
John Cena (c) vs. Carlito vs. Chris Masters vs.
Kane vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
New Year's Revolution 2006

John Cena's first WWE Championship reign was in its ninth consecutive month when Eric Bischoff scheduled an Elimination Chamber match for the title at New Year's Revolution 2006.  Carlito and Chris Masters, tag partners looking for individual glory; Kane and Shawn Michaels, Chamber vets with a slight advantage; hungry Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, looking to finally end Cena's tenure as champ.  Once freed from his pod, Angle opened up on everyone in his way, handing out suplexes like candy in a Fourth Of July parade.  A sudden superkick from Shawn Michaels ended Angle's streak, and this is where the bond between Carlito and Masters led to housecleaning.  A double DDT and a stacked pin by the duo took out Kane, and a well-timed Diamond Cutter variation by Carlito shocked The Heartbreak Kid for the three-count.  In typical fashion, Cena bounced back after Carlito rolled up Masters for the elimination, only to trap the Puerto Rican superstar in a roll-up of his own to retain the belt.  This match is overlooked because of what happened directly after -- Edge cashed in his Money In the Bank contract to pin Cena for his first WWE Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Edge (c) vs. Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre vs.
Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett
Elimination Chamber 2011

Alberto Del Rio made history in 2011 when he won the first-ever 40-man Royal Rumble.  He awaited his eventual opponent; the winner of the ensuing Elimination Chamber match would carry the World Heavyweight Championship into a defense against the avid Del Rio on "the Grandest Stage Of Them All."  Edge's task of retaining his strap seemed insurmountable -- entering first against former tag team partner Rey Mysterio would be an exercise in conditioning and stamina right off the bat in this career-shortening contest.  In a rare occurrence for this particular match, all six combatants stormed the ring at once, but the eliminations would soon pile on.  Big Show, a late replacement for the fake-fired Dolph Ziggler, KO'ed Wade Barrett with his patented right hand.  The Giant was then floored by four finishing maneuvers in a row -- Drew McIntyre's Future Shock, Mysterio's senton bomb, Edge's spear and Kane's chokeslam -- and pinned for the three.  McIntyre and the Big Red Monster toppled in defeat as well, leaving Edge verses Mysterio, good friends, but better enemies.  Edge survived with the belt intact, an amazing victory near the tail end of the Hall Of Famer's sterling career.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs.
Kane vs. Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio
No Way Out 2009

Just a few hours after being humiliated in his WWE Championship loss inside the event's opening Elimination Chamber match, the Ultimate Opportunist Edge competed in his second grueling Chamber match of the evening.  This was due to completely unapologetic force, of course, as Edge incapacitated original contender Kofi Kingston before he could enter the enclosure and shoehorned his way into the contest as a replacement.  The call was undoubtedly contentious but the official allowed it, setting Edge up with a one-way ticket to Wrestlemania as World Champion if he played his cards right.  Kane and Mike "Remember that guy?" Knox perished early on, and defending champ John Cena absorbed a brutal spear from Edge to be eliminated in front of a stunned crowd.  Rey Mysterio skillfully reversed Chris Jericho's Walls Of Jericho submission into a pin to knock out Y2J.  Like in the previous entry, Edge and Mysterio stood one-on-one in the finale with the World Heavyweight Championship going to the victor.  Edge seized his moment as well as another well-deserved title victory, completely silencing the critics and headlining that year's Wrestlemania 25.

Winner Receives WWE Championship Match At Wrestlemania 24:
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs.
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Umaga
No Way Out 2008

Combining the high-flying, risk-taking styles of Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels with the physically domineering statures of JBL, Triple H and Umaga resulted in some of the greatest moments in Elimination Chamber history.  The late Umaga flourished in this no-holds-barred atmosphere, obliterating HBK and Y2J with a double-stacked Samoan drop that was nothing short of perfect.  Jericho's head blasted through the "bulletproof" barrier of one of the Chamber's four pods thanks to Umaga's giant ass, but somehow Y2J regrouped to eliminate rival JBL after a Codebreaker.  The Samoan Bulldozer would require an incredible series of signature moves to be crossed out -- another Codebreaker, a superkick from Michaels, a Pedigree from HHH and a massive Swanton Bomb from the top of a pod from Hardy.  On a roll, Hardy pinned Jericho as Triple H defeated Michaels with a vicious Pedigree.  With only Hardy and Hunter remaining, the young daredevil nearly scored the upset of the year.  Ultimately, it took two Pedigrees for HHH to beat Jeff Hardy.  One of them on a steel chair.  Just facepaint over the bruises, Jeff.  Earlier on in the show...

Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match
At Wrestlemania 24:
Batista vs. Big Daddy V vs. Finlay vs.

The Great Khali vs. MVP vs. Undertaker
No Way Out 2008

Just looking at the line-up for this SmackDown! & ECW co-branded Chamber match might have most wrestling fans thinking, "Really?  Big Daddy V and The Great Khali participated in one of the best Elimination Chamber matches ever?"  Thankfully, the nearly immobile forces of Bondage Mabel and Turley from the Longest Yard remake were tossed early, leaving the fresh Finlay and Montel Vontavious Porter to pick at the scraps of Batista and Undertaker.  Finlay laid out Taker with an impressive Celtic Cross before MVP entered the fray, blasting everyone in sight with a fist wrapped in the chain usually worn around his neck.  Inexperience cursed MVP when he scaled one of the pods, only to end up flipped off by Undertaker and crashing onto the canvas below.  A sickening chokeslam from The Deadman to Finlay onto the steel outside the ring sent the Irishman packing.  The Animal and The Phenom squared off once more, both running on fumes after entering numbers one and two.  It just wasn't Batista's night, eating a Tombstone Piledriver and falling as Undertaker's final victim before his Wrestlemania 24 showdown against World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H (c) vs. Booker T vs. Chris Jericho vs.
Kane vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series 2002

Survivor Series 2002 was, from start to finish, one of the most thoroughly enjoyable pay-per-views I ever watched live.  Its stacked card was brought to a picture-perfect conclusion by the end of this classic conflict for Raw's exclusive World Heavyweight Championship, presented months earlier to Triple H by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff.  "Easy E" then created the concept of the Elimination Chamber and enlisted his brand's six biggest superstars to step into the unknown darkness that laid ahead.  WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels and all of his surefire future inductee opponents wrote the book on a diabolical tradition that evolves into an entity more sinister than previous mutations every year.  Booker and Van Dam were bested before the 20-minute mark, RVD by a heat-seeking Missile Dropkick by Booker, who was then immediately eliminated by an orchestrated Kane chokeslam / Jericho Lionsault co-assault.  The "everyone hits their finishers" spot was originated here on Kane -- superkick, Pedigree, Lionsault -- and he's outta there.  Another crushing superkick neutralized Y2J, leaving former best friends, HBK and HHH, to bring the house down in Madison Square Garden.  Even with intense swelling closing off his airway due to a botched splash by Van Dam earlier in the contest, Triple H powered on.  It was too much for The Game to withstand, and Shawn Michaels created another milestone in his unparalleled career, leveling HHH with the Sweet Chin Music to snag his one and only World Heavyweight Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs.
Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H
New Year's Revolution 2005

The World Heavyweight Championship -- vacated after former champion Triple H was pinned simultaneously by Chris Benoit and Edge in a triple threat title match on the December 6th edition of Raw.  What better way to recrown a new World Champion than by dusting off the ol' Elimination Chamber after over a year of seclusion in its docking bay in Newark, New Jersey and dropping it in San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Gather Raw's six toughest motor-scooters and lock them inside!  And what the hell, throw in Shawn Michaels, the winner of the first-ever Elimination Chamber, to referee the whole thing!  The result remains a blast to watch nearly a decade later and contained a handful of superstars who set major records inside the structure.  Chris Jericho, for instance, has nixed the most opponents at 10 eliminations, particially due to establishing another record with seven Elimination Chamber appearances, more than anyone else in WWE history.  Y2J did okay in his third outing, pinning Edge while Batista flattened Benoit with a back-breaking spinebuster.  Jericho ate a Batista spinebuster onto the motionless Benoit, The Animal finishing off the two Chris's with panache.  Three remained -- Evolution's duo of Batista and Triple H, staring down their former compadre Randy Orton on the mat.  In a showcase of his exemplary leadership skills, Hunter took a knee while Orton eliminated Batista with a neck-snapping RKO.  The Cerebral Assassin then pounced at Orton's distraction, pinning the novice after hitting a definitive Pedigree to yet again secure the World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple H holds the record for most Chamber wins with four victories.  This was just one of them, the greatest Elimination Chamber match of all time.

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