A PixelatedPop Project: Resident Evil and Silent Hill Shadowboxes

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As our loyal PixelatedPop followers know (tens, I'm sure), I love scary games and art projects featuring said scary games.  I recently completed two shadowboxes, one Resident Evil themed and one Silent Hill themed.  I believe they turned out fairly well and I thought I would share with you lovely people.

The idea I had for the Resident Evil shadowbox involved the keys from the first game.  In the first Resident Evil game, four keys (Shield, Helmet, Armor, Sword) are necessary to find in order to escape the mansion. 

These keys.

The keys pictured above are of an extremely rare set (only one set produced), so I had to go about making my own set.

Bought a shadowbox, printed off a big Umbrella sticker, bought some skeleton keys and with some pretty awesome necklace charms, voila!  A pretty nice set of keys for the Spencer mansion.  And all in one place too!  No trap to evade or puzzles to solve to obtain this set...

Next up, the Silent Hill shadowbox!  Before I unveil the pictures, I have to say, I feel pretty pleased with the way this turned out.

In all of its gory glory...

Lotsa pieces to this puzzle.  First, the map.  Some may recognize the in-game map from the first Silent Hill.  As your character (Harry) progresses in the game, he makes hand notations on the map to indicate where he can't pass, where important things are, etc...  I also mixed up a batch of blood-colored paint and stained some gauze, ala the knife-wielding nurses.  The television on the left has a button that, when pressed, emits a creepy surprise.  This 70's/80's style tv will flash a bright white light and a piercing static sound plays for a few seconds.  After a few seconds, it will make the sound of the tv dial clicking it off.   (Some of you young folk may not remember a time when tvs had dials on the front and channels would play the national anthem as they signed off from the air.)

It is difficult to tell, but there is a murder of Pyramid-heads in that picture.

When I found a tiny digital photo keychain, I loaded it up with Silent Hill-esque pictures.  It features such photos as the cult symbol "Halo of the Sun,' fog-covered streets, charred bedrooms, and dilapidated amusement parks.  I also dolled it up in bloody gauze, making it a perfect purchase for the demon on the go.

"Yeah, well the map says we're fucked!"

In the Silent Hill universe, sometimes the world seems to burn and peel away, revealing a hellish Otherworld.  I literally burned a hole in the middle of the map and stuck in the middle of it a picture of the rusted, burned Otherworld. 

Welp, that's all I gots for ya's!  Thanks for taking a look at my nerdy junk.  Resume your normal lives!

"Come home.  We're waiting for you..."

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