Top 10 Workaholics Guest Appearances

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There's just something about Comedy Central's Workaholics that leaves you with a big silly grin on your face.  Stand-up group Mail Order Comedy co-founders Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm portray dumbed-down versions of themselves, earning a mediocre living at TelAmeriCorp, a floundering telemarketing company.  At night, the party animals come out as the roomies consume excessive amounts of booze and drugs, oftentimes resulting with at least one of them becoming the butt of an elaborate prank.  Whether they're sucking up to their temperamental boss Alice (the fiery Maribeth Monroe) or hanging with chillaxed dealer Karl (series co-creator Kyle Newacheck), the trio keeps finding new ways to warp the bounds of screwball comedy.

This past Wednesday, Workaholics wrapped up airing its third season.  The series now stands at 40 episodes, and with the announcement that the show has been renewed for two more seasons, the news couldn't be more welcomed to the upstart comedians.  The program's rise in popularity since its premiere in April 2011 has attracted several guest appearances -- multi-time Grammy winners Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys; father-son duo Clint and Rance Howard; even Double Dare host Marc Summers dropped by in a cameo as himself at one point to help the guys out of a jam.  While a "Greatest Episodes" list might be a possibility later on down the line, here's PixelatedPop's Top 10 Workaholics Guest Appearances to pass some time.

10. William Atherton as Thor Holmvik
"The Meat Jerking Beef Boys"
Season 3, Episode 6

Thor: We're going to the Volvo dealership.
Anders: Well, I think we'll go to dinner, and then after--
Thor: Nah, after dinner you're gonna be crossing a buck-thirty in your brand new black vagina finder.
Anders: Okay, well, you know, I think black cars attract a lot of heat, so--
Thor: I wasn't talking about the car.  Have you seen that B.E.T. network?

Aside from Thor Holmvik's penchant for all-white squash leagues, the yuppie putz doesn't seem like all that bad of a guy.  William Atherton disperses some tough love as Anders's old man, the veteran actor's gruffness evocative of his vile character Walter Peck, the human villain from Ghostbusters, who stirred up trouble for the boys in gray.  When Thor comes calling unexpectedly, Anders fibs and claims to hold a prestigious Vice President position at TelAmeriCorp, dumping Adam and Blake by the wayside and taking shelter in an empty house that's about to be put on the market.  As the weekend dwindles away, Thor gets comfy bunking with his estranged son, forcing Anders to take desperate measures in order to finally win his daddy's approval.  Everything works out in the end, though, when Thor admits that he's been unemployed for the last three months and concedes that he truly is proud of his boy, which, unfortunately, triggers Anders's gag reflex.  Happy Father's Day!

9. Tom Green as Cyborg Tom Green
"The Future Is Gnar"
Season 3, Episode 20

Cyborg Tom Green: Swedish.

The zany Tom Green lends his voice to a new computerized telemarketing tool which is tested out during a company meeting -- "Hi, I'm comedian Tom Green with a special one-time offer.  Say yes now and receive a case of premium Canadian sausage for only $39.99.  Daddy, would you like some sausage?"  Upon hearing that TelAmeriCorp employees won't receive commission if the automation steals their sales, Blake goes on a tirade, launching into a story about a future where man has been conquered by machines.  Adam, Blake and Anders are the only survivors of a post-apocalyptic 2014, the last three to await "orientation," a process that turns the company's workers into mindless servants.  A leather-clad commander Alice spearheads the sinister scenario until a cybernetic Tom Green appears and lops her head off with a laser-sword.  How the guys save the day in this episode is as outrageous as it gets and makes this viewer hopeful for Season 4.

8. Jeff Howard as Devin DeMamp
"Fat Cuz"
Season 3, Episode 3

Devin: How ya doin'?  Some butt ya got there.  Do you wipe it?  I'm kidding... but seriously, can I?
Girl: I don't appreciate you talking to me like that.
Devin: Okay, great.  I'm being selfish.  How 'bout I start over?  Do you wanna suck my tits?

Adam's wheelchair-bound cousin Devin doesn't ask for much in life, the overindulging slug perfectly content as long as there's always a steaming plate of fresh churros and endless internet porn within arm's reach.  The dudes turn to Devin for assistance in attaining a parking pass for the extra handicap spot at the new office building so they don't have to park in the street.  The crude lunk turns down the invitation at first, "living off government checks like Obama bin Laden," until his first day at TelAmeriCorp introduces him to Jillian (the quirky Jillian Bell), Alice's secretary and a recurring character in the series.  Jeff Howard, a relatively unknown actor with small roles on Bones and C.S.I., has fun as Devin, crafting a character who enjoys XBOX Live, Doritos and crop-dusting wet farts throughout the guys' cubicle.  A final life-saving act of courage brings up an interesting notion -- perhaps life is too valuable to be masturbating it away in your mother's basement.

7. Brian Huskey as Robbie
"Piss & S**t"
Season 1, Episode 1

Robbie: You have until five o'clock to make with the zip, the flop, the splash and the boo-hoo.
Adam: What was the flop?
Robbie: The flop is the penis coming out of the slacks or trousers.

The pilot episode of Workaholics remains a personal favorite, partially due to the intensity of Brian Huskey (Community, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks & Recreation) as professional drug screener Robbie, the self-proclaimed "Best Test In the West."  Claiming to have the ability to spot burnouts instantly, Robbie's hatred against dopers teeters on hysteria as he froths at the thought of getting the guys fired.  He's got reason to be confident, as Blake, Adam and Anders are notorious users during their time away from the office.  The boys fail in their attempt at collecting untainted urine for the upcoming piss analysis, but a last-second plan concocted by Blake (borrowing elements from Die Hard) helps them topple the nefarious nerd.  Hosing down all the samples from his own reserve, Blake administers a mass contamination and every employee tests positive for over a dozen substances.  Subsequently, Robbie gets the boot, securing the guys their first victory in the series.

6. Tim Heidecker as Reverend Troy
"The Lord's Force"
Season 3, Episode 7

Troy: It's Adam and Eve, it's not Adam and Steve, ya understand me?  I'll tell you what.  Why don't I ask God what he thinks I should, huh?  Let me check in with him.  Uh, OH, LORD?  YEAH, I GOT A PROBLEM DO--why, because the gay thing?  Come on, really?  Okay, well, you're the boss.  Sorry, gays, you're off The Force.

Tim Heidecker of Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! steps comfortably into the shoes of Reverend Troy, the domineering leader of The Lord's Force (a lampoonary of The Power Team, a real-life Christian Evangelical group of baseball bat-snapping muscleheads).  No stranger to the realm of alternative comedy, Heidecker shines as Troy, branding star attractions Ram and Samson "Sodom and Gomorrah" after catching them making out in an alleyway behind a bar.  Troy banishes them from the squad, but Blake, Adam and Anders swear to Troy that they were only playing an innocent game of "gay chicken."  Ram and Samson are accepted into the TelAmeriCorp home, but the boys' dream of creating their own Lord's Force is dashed when the secret lovers jump ship back to the Reverend's crew.  The string of misunderstandings comes to an end with nearly everyone benefiting, most notably Adam, who finally finds it within himself to tear a phonebook in half.

5. Robert Englund as Dr. TelAmeriCorp
"A TelAmerican Horror Story"
Season 3, Episode 12

Dr. TelAmeriCorp: There's my strong little boy...

It's a common belief amongst the superstitious that abnormal lunar activity causes spikes in supernatural occurrences here on Earth.  So is Blake's hypothesis when the guys discover a portrait of a creepy-looking man at the office on the eve of a "supermoon."  The dudes dub him Dr. TelAmeriCorp, and after hanging the painting in the break room, Alice demands that it be removed.  For some reason, no one wants to talk about what led to the doc's firing from the company years ago, a detail that leads our heroes to believe that his spirit is haunting the halls of TelAmeriCorp.  Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise) hams it up, appearing to Adam in a sleep-deprived hallucination with the same bravado he applied while playing the iconic nightstalking slasher.  Before vanishing into the darkness, Dr. TelAmeriCorp shares an awkward moment with Adam, capping off one of the most thoroughly enjoyable episodes in the series so far.

4. Edward Barbanell as Bradley
"Checkpoint Gnarly" & "Booger Nights"
Season 1, Episode 5 & Season 3, Episode 11

Anders: We'll do whatever you wanna do.
Blake: Yeah, inhale pepperoni pizza and chug Mountain Dew!
Adam: Yes, that's a good idea.  How does that sound, dude?
Bradley: Oh, that sounds like it would be fun... IF I WERE TEN!

As the only character on this list to appear in more than one episode, Bradley's company is always appreciated by the guys.  Blake, Adam and Anders are first introduced to Bradley (Edward Barbanell, a gifted actor with Down syndrome) in "Checkpoint Gnarly," when the cunning fellow scams the dudes out of cash posing as an "ISP supervisor" threatening to rat on them for watching online porn on company time.  Barbanell was featured in the 2005 Special Olympics comedy The Ringer and is again allowed to have fun with lowbrow material.  It turns out that Bradley is Alice's brother, and she reluctantly permits him to hang with the guys in exchange for their testicles if anything happens to him.  The ensuing events during Bradley's night out with the gang take them from getting kicked out of a bar to shoplifting beer from a convenient store, concluding with a run-in with an ornery tow lot worker.  Hopefully the hot-boxing rule-breaker returns in future episodes.

3. Chris D'Elia as Topher
"To Friend a Predator"
Season 1, Episode 8

Adam: We don't have weed right now!  It's a real issue in my life.
Topher: Well, throw in a flag and push me back ten yards 'cause I'm holdin'!

The insurmountable task of creating a likable child molester falls into the hands of promising up-and-coming comedian Chris D'Elia, whose dead-pan delivery helped him score the lead of Alex on the NBC sitcom Whitney.  D'Elia is Topher, an online predator scouring the Rancho Cucamonga Justin Bieber Fan Club online forums under the username "bieberhole69" in search of naive 10- to 12-year-old boys.  As diehard Bieberites and unwilling recipients of some of Topher's graphic "little ding-dong" pics, Blake and Jillian make it their mission to expose the sicko and put him behind bars.  The plan hits a snag when Topher shows up at the guys' house carrying an XBOX, beer and a radical potato gun, resulting in the dudes struggling with the idea of turning in the otherwise cool Topher.  Justice is served, though, as Jillian eventually comes to the rescue and sends the authorities for the kiddie-diddler.  Maybe some counseling will do the dopey sex offender some good.

2. Chris Parnell as TelAmeriCorp CEO Bruce Benson
"In the Line Of Getting Fired"
Season 1, Episode 10

Adam: Tonight's party is gonna be weird!  In a good way.
Blake: It is gonna be so awesome!  Anything you want, man.  You name it.  It's your credit card.
Bruce: You know what'd be really cool?
Blake: Huh?
Bruce: Putting a bullet through my face.

The underrated Chris Parnell displayed unique comedic timing during his stint as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2006, as well as playing the marvelously inept Dr. Leo Spaceman on 30 Rock.  Parnell goes for the funny bone once more as the suicidal TelAmeriCorp CEO Bruce Benson, offering Blake, Adam and Anders $10,000 to end his suffering once and for all.  The guys hold Bruce captive, refusing to go through with the killing and instead suggesting that all he needs is the companionship of a lady to turn his frown upside down.  Blake and Adam throw the sadsack a celebrity look-alike swingers bash where Bruce hooks up with Michelle Obama's doppelganger, and all looks to be right in the world.  But typically, through another daffy set of circumstances, things take a dive when Blake ends up taking a bullet for the now-confident Chief Executive Officer.  Such a fantastic guest appearance stands second only to the following entry...

1. Daniel Stern as Travis Rockne
"Alice Quits"
Season 3, Episode 13

Travis: Quit sneakin' around my office, playin' little games.  That's not what men do.  And I know, because I am a real man. *pulls out his penis*  Ya see what I mean?  Not even that big, right?
Adam: Very average size.
Anders: Surprisingly.  'Cause you're tall--
Adam: 'Cause you're a big man.  You think it'd be proportional--
Travis: At least I'm puttin' it out there!  Now, are you guys real men?  Are you?
Anders: Totally, yeah--
Travis: Then whip it out.
*long silence*

Blake, Adam and Anders never faced such a threat to their no-holds-barred party lifestyle as Travis Rockne, the higher-up at TelAmeriCorp sent to evaluate Alice's job performance.  Walking in on a frenzied pellet gun shootout involving nearly every employee in the office results in a confrontation between Travis and Alice.  The boss lady takes a walk, leaving the boys to conspire a way to get the new head honcho canned.  Daniel Stern, whom you may recognize as Marv from the Home Alone movies, goes absolutely bat-shit crazy as Travis, especially when the dudes fill his office with a load of exotic birds used to seal TelAmeriCorp's exclusive deal with the potentially lucrative client EarthPets.  Travis goes on a shooting spree of his own, blasting the creatures with a confiscated pellet gun, but ultimately, the guys straighten him out in another cleverly constructed scheme.  Such a delirious performance will be nearly impossible to top by future guest appearances.

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