PixelatedPop Needs Writers!

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PixelatedPop is currently in the market for writers who would be interested in having their work published for all the world to enjoy!  We especially need help in our music, television and video game sections, but we could always use more content in our movie section as well!  Album, movie, TV episode and video game reviews are acceptable, as well as articles in list format.  But don't let these guidelines stifle your creativity!  Let your imagination run wild and show us something we've never seen before!

All positions are on a volunteer basis.  Unfortunately, we are not yet able to compensate contributors with cash, but PixelatedPop would be a great way to get your foot in the door and show off what you can do!  And if you're able to commit to submitting content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, we'll eventually add you to the official staff and no longer consider you a featured artist!

Please consider becoming a part of the PixelatedPop team!  Drop us a message at our Facebook page if you're interested!  We'll be waiting to read your submissions!

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