A PixelatedPop Project: Bioshock Goodness

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If you've never played any entry in the Bioshock series, then you may not know how relentlessly it sucks you in.  The deep, branching story, the richly detailed surroundings, the perfectly balanced control mechanics: Bioshock is a video game work of art.  So, naturally, such a work of art can inspire other works of art.  Fans of the game have created a wide range of Bioshock pieces, some going as far as sculpting life-size Big Daddies.  My projects weren't quite as grandiose as life-size sculptures, but I think you guys will enjoy what I put together.


Yeah, it is a lot to take in.

As those who played Bioshock know, the people of Rapture went fu*king ad crazy.  Every business and product had AT LEAST one poster made to attract customers.  Even their New Year's Eve parties had ad posters.  So, its pretty easy to imagine that there were probably walls in Rapture that were decorated like a college campus telephone poll.  As Rapture, and the people therein, deteriorated, chaos gained momentum.  And as the people rose up against their proposed oppressors, the walls became littered with propaganda posters and grafiti. 

"Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light!"

I was able to paint up a finger light to look like a security camera.  Unfortunately, I couldn't rig it to call a security bot. 

"Stop it, Mr. Camera.  I just want to color!"

The security camera lends a creepy atmosphere to the shadowbox not just for the blanket of red light, but because of what the omnipresence of security feels like to a great deal of citizens.

"Hey, I'm just doing my job."

Surprisingly, the Little Sister action figure was the most expensive part of this scene.  I thought about having the Little Sister figure standing over a deceased body, using her harvesting needle to gather Eve.  However, as I replayed the games, I noticed crayon drawings on the walls and the floors.  Drawings of picket fences, little girls, Big Daddies and flowers.  I chose to put some drawings of flowers in the scene because it fits best with exactly what the Little Sisters are: innocent children.

She really is innocent.  Pay no attention to the evil eyes.

Here is a better view of what the Little Sister is drawing.


And an even better view than that!

When they're done needling on dead bodies, give 'em a tin of Crayola crayons!

And now on to project number two!  For those that haven't played the first two Bioshock games, the characters you control will have to rifle through businesses and personal dwellings in order to find objects to help them survive.  The characters can't quite get enough Eve or enough money on their quest. 

Say, what kinda goodies are in there?

Some fans may remember going through a tobacco shop called Robertson's Tobaccoria.  Well, it just so happens that this is a cigar box from that very shop!

Only the finest in stinky stogies...

If you've even seen a cigar box, then you've probably seen some sort of colored sticker wrapped around the box.  They are tax stamps and I modified one specifically for this box with a face that fans might recognize.

"A man chooses, a slave pays his cigar taxes."

Now, the goodies inside!  First off, you can't buy anything without a little moolah!

"If my face isn't on everything, how will they know how important I am?"

Next, how are you gonna light any smokes without a lighter?

Obviously, only the finest spas encourage smoking.

The back.

"Who the hell didn't print my face on here?" - Andrew Ryan

I cooked up a little something special for the inside of the matchbook.

What's more relaxing at a spa than a bunch of people throwing fire from their hands?

Surely, you were wondering what was glowing blue in the box...

"Plenty of face-room here, too." - A.W.

You can't survive the game without plenty of Eve to use your plasmids.  Lucky for you, there are needles hidden everywhere (much like our inner-city parks).  Now, to those who've never seen the inside of a cigar box, many finer ones have inserts such as this...

I think I speak for everyone when I say "Que?"

Well, I doctored up a similar insert for this cigar box.

"Yeah, sure, let's just put everybody's fu*king face on it." - Señor Ryan

And to finish up the pictures, here's inside of the box.

Get your Rapture starter kit today!

Welp, that's all I've got for this go-round.  I hope you enjoyed my happy little projects.  See ya next time!  Face!


"Only a trace of my face shall grace this place." - Children's book author Andy Ryan


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