A PixelatedPop Project: More Bioshock, Plus Rocky Horror

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Did you think I was finished my craft-making madness?  Welp, as I must "follow my inner moonlight," I may as well show y'all what else I've come up with!  In the Bioshock series, not only are different types of liquor and liquor ads prevalent in Rapture, but they are a catalyst in the Rapture story-arc.  It causes much violence, while at the same time containing the ability to restore the main character's health.  To me, one particular bottle of booze stood out in the pack.

Who wouldn't drink something that you could go spelunking with?

Moonbeam absinthe was the artists' choice.  It was publicly endorsed by Sander Cohen.

Crazily pictured here.

Sander Cohen was...eccentric.  Then, he became powerful through his standing in Rapture.  His eccentric behavior then tip-toed over that thin line into madness.  Shortly before the splicing made Sander Westboro Baptist Church-crazy, he signed on to become the spokesperson of Moonbeam Absinthe.  History has proven that absinthe isn't the healthiest for the sanity of an artist.

The inspiration for Sander Cohen, Salvador Dali, pictured here, literally swimming in absinthe.

When I play a game that love, I will scour every inch of the game's world.  I want to see every camera angle, unearth every secret.  In doing so, I found a never-before seen poster prototype for Moonbeam Absinthe.

The discovery of absinthe erectified his 'stache.

I'm jus' playin' wit'cha.  I made that poster, just like I made this 'synthe!

Straight from Chernobyl!

My next two projects came about due to sheer luck.  The first of which, is yet another Bioshock piece.  (Yes, I know, another one, but this is the last one for a long while.)  While literally cleaning out my downstairs closet (it was a serious mess), I happened upon a wall clock that my wife and I hadn't used for several years.  This clock just so happened to be adorned with art deco-style numbers on its face.   Art deco was the movement Bioshock was styled on, so this was a pretty easy decision!  Of course, taking the damn thing apart was a nightmare, however the results make up for the trouble.

This would fit perfectly at the Fishbowl Diner.

Lastly, the surprise I gave my wife!  Wait, that makes it sound filthy.  Although, it was a surprise and I did give it to her.  Heh.  No, what I made for her was a shadowbox.  Its not much of a shadowbox by the light of day, but by night its one hell of a lover.

I'm just a sweet transvestite!

I found this 8 inch figure at a steal of a price.  I absolutely could not pass it up.  Once I got a great deal on an 11x14 shadowbox, the idea came pretty easy.  I put the pictures in the back, situated the figure, and then glued a couple of finger lights in place to act as spotlights.

From transsssexual Transylvaniahaha!

And thus ends another PixelatedPop Project pictorial!  Until next time...

Its not easy having a good time...

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