A PixelatedPop Project: Resident Evil and Silent Hill Shadowboxes

As our loyal PixelatedPop followers know (tens, I'm sure), I love scary games and art projects featuring said scary games.  I recently completed two shadowboxes, one Resident Evil themed and one Silent Hill themed.  I believe they turned out fairly well and I thought I would share with you lovely people.

This & That: Lost & The Walking Dead

Lost is probably the greatest network television show of all time.  Well, I think I can take out "probably."  To me, it is the greatest show ever.  The twists, turns and unanswered questions never ended.  It was also the first (and to this point most) interactive show that I've ever experienced.  I literally spent the next day after every episode on lostpedia.com searching for little hints and Easter eggs, reading about theories and then coming up with my own.  Sure, you could nit-pick the show apart if you really took the time, but I believe this is true of any television show.  Each show has its "jump the shark" moment.  I struggle to find one with Lost, but that’s because I’m clearly biased.  I’m sure most people could name one without even thinking too hard...

Video Game Review: The Walking Dead: The Game (XBOX 360)

Like the endless masses of shuffling undead inhabiting its universe, the fanbase of The Walking Dead is one of eternal hunger.  Always ready to consume the franchise's latest installment regardless of the medium, whether it be in the comics or on the hit television series, followers of the sudden pop culture phenomenon are in for a treat with The Walking Dead: The Game.  The XBOX 360 version was released in five downloadable episodes from April to November 2012 (along with a retail version containing the full game in December) and was an instant homerun for developers Telltale Games.  A mighty step up from previous releases Back to the Future: The Game and Jurassic Park: The Game, the result might not be everyone's cup of tea, but even the most jaded gamer won't be able to deny that The Walking Dead: The Game evokes some true emotions in its players, an accomplishment that very few video games have ever truly achieved...

Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

For a decade, the Elimination Chamber has been utilized to separate the boys from the men in the WWE.  Cheerfully dubbed "Satan's Prison," the solid steel structure was birthed into existence in late 2002 by former World Championship Wrestling President Eric Bischoff -- standing 16 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter, two miles of chain encase the six superstars inside, the 16 total tons of metal enveloping them until only one man is left standing.  The Elimination Chamber borrows elements from the Royal Rumble (wrestlers enter the match at timed intervals), the classic Survivor Series match (competitors are eliminated via pinfall or submission) and WCW's War Games (chaotic action involving several caged grapplers) and remains one of the most physically draining matches ever conducted in the company's history.  In observation of tonight's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, PixelatedPop presents the Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches!

Movie Review: Ernest Goes to Camp

From the mid eighties to the late nineties, the world was bombarded by one Mr. Ernest P. Worrell.  With a half a dozen theatrically released movies, around ten direct-to-video specials, a television show, and countless cameos and commercials, Ernest's stereotypical-Japanese-like work ethic forever burned his grinning image into pop culture.  (Knowutimean, Vern?)

Movie Review: Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer

You'd have to be insane to want to be an independent filmmaker.  Richard Taylor and Zack Beins, two childhood friends stationed in Denver, Colorado, may just fill this prerequisite.  The duo's first feature film, Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer, has screened at horror conventions and small theaters all across the state and beyond, earning laughter and dry heaves from its audiences in equal amounts.  Clearly influenced by Troma classics such as The Toxic Avenger, Taylor and Beins's ultra-low budget gorefest was a labor of love, taking nearly four years to complete due to the sort of inevitable hurdles that all truly independent filmmakers experience as they attempt to master their craft.  Boasting that their flick is the first zombie movie to feature no actual zombies, the head honchos behind this Bizjack Flemco Production have created a stomach-churning journey that pays homage to its predecessors while simultaneously maintaining an awesomely original concept...

Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1986

1986 was an interesting time to enter my "terrible twos."  In a year that witnessed the infamous Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the disastrous Chernobyl meltdown, the world needed relief, and the remedy would soon come in several forms.  For instance, '86 saw the opening of Pixar Animations Studios and Mike Tyson winning his first World Championship by beating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas.  The year took from us Metallica bassist Cliff Burton and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard but gave us Amanda Bynes, Kat Dennings and Megan Fox.  Bill Buckner's dimwitted missed grounder allowed the New York Mets to pull even with the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, eventually leading to a World Series victory for the Mets.  Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's secret vault only to discover a bottle of moonshine might have been disappointing, but each of the Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1986 is sure to leave you satisfied.

Video Game Review: Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II (NES)

When I received my first Nintendo Entertainment System during one of the Christmases of my youth, I figured that Santa had brought me the end-all-be-all of gifts.  As it turned out, Santa must have also got it for my father.  My dad muscled into my NES time for the first few years I owned the machine.  I woke many times, in the dead of night, to find my dad in my room playing a newly rented or even purchased game.  My father's game of choice usually included swords and wizardry of some sort.  I can't imagine the gasp he let out upon seeing the Fabio-clad box of Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.

20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2013

Congratulations!  You, along with the other seven billion people worldwide, have survived the 12/21/12 Mayan apocalypse!  Civilization is safe, for now, as we step into a new era of total spiritual unity and widespread peace amongst men.  If those expectations sound a bit too ambitious, at least take comfort in knowing that 2013 will be a colossally bad-ass year for movies.  This year will see Arnold Schwarzenegger's first leading role since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise Of the Machines (The Last Stand, January 18) and Sam Raimi's vision of a classic tale's origins (Oz the Great And Powerful, March 8).  The director of Sucker Punch -- yeah, Sucker Punch -- attempts to erase any lingering memories of 2006's Superman Returns by giving Krypton's number one son another reboot (Man Of Steel, June 14), and Hugh Jackman reprises his most recognizable role by clawing up Yakuza ass in Japan (The Wolverine, July 26)...

Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1985

It's hard to believe how fast 27 years can just fly by.  In 1985, DNA evidence was first utilized in a criminal court case.  Vice President George H.W. Bush served as acting President for eight hours while Ronald Reagan went under the knife to remove cancerous polyps from his colon.  This memorable year witnessed the creations of Bill Watterson's classic Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, the North American version of The Discovery Channel, the first incarnation of Tetris, the Tommy Hilfiger brand and Windows Version 1.0.  '85 also produced four of today's hottest Hollywood babes in Amanda Seyfried, Keira Knightley, Michelle Trachtenberg and The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco. 1985 would go on to be recognized as one of the most celebrated in film history, so let's take a trip down memory lane and check out my Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1985!