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Five Movie Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time, Part II

Like I've mentioned in the past, some of the most interesting characters in the world of cinema remain hidden away during the majority of their films.  Sometimes they'll appear for just a few scenes as the butt of a joke, repeatedly stomping out flaming bags of dog crap.  Other times, they show up with the sole purpose of beating Tobey Maguire half to death with a steel chair.  Whatever their purpose, this new installment of Five Movie Character Who Deserved More Screen Time focuses on a few more of these figures whose lives demand more exposure on the silver screen...

31 Greatest 1980s Horror Films

Welcome to PixelatedPop's 31 Greatest 1980s Horror Films!  Starting today, we will begin counting down our favorite horror movies of the 1980s with a new installment being revealed every Monday in October!  Can you guess what will be #1?

A PixelatedPop Project: My Resident Evil Diorama

As I've demonstrated before, my love for Resident Evil knows very few bounds.  I've owned many of the Toy Biz produced R.E. action figures for a long time.  I always had the urge to display them "properly," but I never thought such a project would be possible.  I don't remember what finally inspired me to start this project, but a few months ago, I decided to piece together a small-scale, Resident Evil-themed diorama.

Music Video Vault: Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy"

In recent years since the introduction of the reality TV era, music videos have become somewhat of a lost art form, taking a backseat to brain cell-massacring programs like 18 & Pregnant, Date My Mom and Jersey Shore.  MTV (which stands for "Music Television," in case you've forgotten) used to be a breeding ground for artists to reacher wider audiences, using videos to not only get their songs heard, but to instill imagery in their viewers' minds that often stuck with them throughout their lives.  Additionally, many of today's most celebrated filmmakers began their careers directing music videos, such as David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network), Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, The Science Of Sleep) and Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation.)...

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures 3

Five Goosebumps Books That Deserve Movie Adaptations

Growing up in the 1990s, it was difficult to get past distractions that drew our generation away from more fruitful endeavors, such as school studies or getting outside every once in awhile.  In a decade that saw the emergence of popular entities such as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Super Nintendo, burying one's face in a book that wasn't assigned reading was considered a waste of time, hours that could be better spent flipping Pogs or teaching a Tamagotchi to stop spraying digital shit in the living room.  Then along came Goosebumps, a book series that dominated library shelves everywhere from 1992 to 1997, adding the "fun" or the "mental" back to "reading is fundamental," depending on your preference for simplistic yet enjoyable adolescent horror literature...

A PixelatedPop Interview: Amber Peach

When I stumbled on the chance to interview adult film star Amber Peach, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had questions aplenty for her.  (Journalistic-type questions, ya freak-nasties.)  Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes in the adult industry?  Well if you have, then I welcome you to enjoy my interview with the lovely Ms.Amber Peach.

Top 25 South Park Episodes

With the beginning of season sixteen looming on the horizon, I've still had one rather daunting task hanging over my head: the completion of my list of favorite South Park episodes.  I was actually first motivated towards creating this list several years ago when I read a similar list posted by a prominent web site.  There were several choices which I felt did not belong on their list of greatest South Park episodes.  The greatest of these errors came in the form of their number one pick, "Fat Butt and Pancake Head."  Now, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but after reading the reasoning for the choices on their list, I felt like they had completely missed what it is that truly makes South Park great...

Five Movie Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

RoboCop.  Iron Man.  Joe Dirt.  What could these three titans of the big screen possibly have in common?  Well, besides their shared penchant for eye-catching headwear, these fictional men were found so intriguing by the writers of their movies that their names were selected to represent the films right on their titles.

Occasionally, a minor character lurks in the background whose involvement in the plot is abbreviated because of editing cuts, bad screenwriting or any other number of factors.  Sometimes said characters display one or more traits that demand more explanation as to where they came from, what their motivations are and why they've been included in the story in the first place, characters such as...