Movie Review: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

These days, it isn't uncommon for Hollywood to take advantage of nostalgic moviegoers any way they know how.  Studios snag up every video game, toy line and television series from days gone by, throw in some half-brained story to fill in the holes and then pour the toxic mixture onto screens everywhere with little regard for the source material.  They line their pockets with our hard-earned dollars while simultaneously masturbating with our tears, but we keep going back for more, praying that the next abomination will make up for the latest one already floating around the $5 DVD bin at your nearest Wal-Mart...

Top 10 WWE September Pay-Per-View Matches

Admitting to being a fan of professional wrestling can be a social burden for anyone who learned how to tie his shoes more than two decades ago.  The larger-than-life personalities of its competitors as well as their array of obviously-choreographed maneuvers are by nature more easily digested by the mind of a child.  With age, one finds it increasingly difficult to defend his love for anything that held his attention during the more innocent years of his life, especially when it involves barely-clad bodybuilder physiques and boatloads of spandex.  But I'm a sucker for nostalgia and have a hard time letting go of something after it has caused me years of joy and fulfillment, which should be apparent considering the concept of this entire website...

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures 2

Here, we see Macho Man Randy Savage letting his friends know what row he wants to sit in. 

Video Game Review: Monster In My Pocket (NES)

The year was 1991.  The popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System was soaring to unimaginable heights, showing no signs of slowing since its initial launch six years prior.  Classic games like Battletoads, Mega Man 4 and Ninja Gaiden III were released that year and showed off the capabilities of the NES like never before.  Along with these titles based on original ideas, nearly every toy line in those days got its own video game crossover on the beloved console...

Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1984

1984 was certainly a trying year for the citizens of planet Earth.  A merciless famine ravaged the nation of Ethiopia, killing over a million of its people by year's end.  Crack cocaine was first introduced into the Los Angeles region and soon spread all over the country, ushering in the infamous "Crack Epidemic."  But perhaps the most burdensome event of the year occurred on May 8 when the longest game in Major League Baseball history took place between the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers, spanning two whole days and lasting twenty-five innings.  1984 witnessed the deaths of funnyman Andy Kaufman and legendary musician Marvin Gaye; fortunately, in return, it birthed the world's sexiest woman, Scarlett Johansson.  The year also provided a bevy of films that proved hotter than Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial.  So, without further ado, PixelatedPop presents the Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1984!

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures

With the fast pace every day life can hurtle by, it is easy to forget how much pleasure can stem from simple occurrences.  These "simple pleasures" are more than mere, cheap soap and lotion brands.  They are what bridge the gap between the "big events" and the everyday mundane blandness.  I, and my fellow PixelatedPop compatriots, are here to not only identify such simple pleasures, but to pay tribute to them as only we know how.

10 Most Anticipated Movies Of (the Rest Of) 2012

If the world actually comes to an end this December, big-wigs in Hollywood might be too distracted with their endless piles of cash to acknowledge the chaos unfolding outside their windows.  With a little over the first half of 2012 in the can, this year has already witnessed colossal box-office returns in The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games, as well as The Avengers, which has already become the third highest-grossing film of all time.  Although it's difficult to imagine director Joss Whedon's nearly-perfect comic book ensemble losing its kung-fu grip as the number one earner by year's end, the second chunk of 2012 still has plenty left in store for moviegoers of all sorts...

Five Things Society Thinks I'm Too Old To Do

This year I turn 28.  Unlike the nerd internet-writer stereotype, I am married and I live in a townhouse away from my parent's basement.  That being said, I still raid the cheap bin at the comic store every week, I still buy movie-themed t-shirts, and I am currently building a zombie-themed diorama with Walking Dead and Resident Evil action figures.  Naturally, you, my brethren, would find nothing wrong with these hobbies.  But we've all seen the sneers.  We've all heard the under-the-breath mutterings.  They're all the telltale signs of judgment.  I am all too familiar with this particular stench.  Every so often, you may find yourself engaged in an activity that's intended for a younger age bracket.  No big deal, right?

Genesis Does What Nintendon't

As I grew up in the "golden age of console gaming,"  I was one of those poor kids who was a generation behind in the console I owned.  From about 1990 to about 1997, I had only a Nintendo Entertainment System.  Were it not for my friends, I would have totally missed out on that decade's biggest gaming battle: Super Nintendo vs. Sega.

Video Game Review: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1)

Some of you might be wondering, "Hey, where is your review of Resident Evil 2?"  Well, to be honest with you, I feel like my review of Resident Evil 2 would be too much praise.  It isn't without its faults, but it is one of my favorite games of all time and I believe it to be the flagship in the RE series.  Instead, I am skipping to one of the most overlooked titles in the series -- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.  Let's get down to it, shall we?