Movie Review: Kick-Ass

"How come no one's ever tried to be a superhero?"  This is the question that plagues the mind of one comic book obsessed high school dweebie in Kick-Ass, the exhilarating big screen adaptation of the graphic novel by Mark Millar.  The inquiry serves as a promising theme for the film and addresses the notion that one doesn't necessarily have to be bitten by a radioactive spider or own a mansion full of high-tech gadgets to win over the admiration of his fellow citizens.  Director Matthew Vaughn (helmer of the underrated British gangster thriller Layer Cake) has a lot of fun with the source material and remains mostly faithful to it throughout the movie, including all of the brutal violence and coarse language that has recently twisted up the panties of numerous film critics all over the country.  By now you're probably wondering, does Kick-Ass in fact kick ass?  Well, let me ask you this -- does Powered Toast Man fly backwards?