Video Game Review: Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II (NES)

When I received my first Nintendo Entertainment System during one of the Christmases of my youth, I figured that Santa had brought me the end-all-be-all of gifts.  As it turned out, Santa must have also got it for my father.  My dad muscled into my NES time for the first few years I owned the machine.  I woke many times, in the dead of night, to find my dad in my room playing a newly rented or even purchased game.  My father's game of choice usually included swords and wizardry of some sort.  I can't imagine the gasp he let out upon seeing the Fabio-clad box of Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.

Video Game Review: Monster In My Pocket (NES)

The year was 1991.  The popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System was soaring to unimaginable heights, showing no signs of slowing since its initial launch six years prior.  Classic games like Battletoads, Mega Man 4 and Ninja Gaiden III were released that year and showed off the capabilities of the NES like never before.  Along with these titles based on original ideas, nearly every toy line in those days got its own video game crossover on the beloved console...