A PixelatedPop Project: What A Maneuver!

It was only a matter of time until I concocted a wrestling themed project.

Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

For a decade, the Elimination Chamber has been utilized to separate the boys from the men in the WWE.  Cheerfully dubbed "Satan's Prison," the solid steel structure was birthed into existence in late 2002 by former World Championship Wrestling President Eric Bischoff -- standing 16 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter, two miles of chain encase the six superstars inside, the 16 total tons of metal enveloping them until only one man is left standing.  The Elimination Chamber borrows elements from the Royal Rumble (wrestlers enter the match at timed intervals), the classic Survivor Series match (competitors are eliminated via pinfall or submission) and WCW's War Games (chaotic action involving several caged grapplers) and remains one of the most physically draining matches ever conducted in the company's history.  In observation of tonight's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, PixelatedPop presents the Top 10 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches!

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures 3

Top 10 WWE September Pay-Per-View Matches

Admitting to being a fan of professional wrestling can be a social burden for anyone who learned how to tie his shoes more than two decades ago.  The larger-than-life personalities of its competitors as well as their array of obviously-choreographed maneuvers are by nature more easily digested by the mind of a child.  With age, one finds it increasingly difficult to defend his love for anything that held his attention during the more innocent years of his life, especially when it involves barely-clad bodybuilder physiques and boatloads of spandex.  But I'm a sucker for nostalgia and have a hard time letting go of something after it has caused me years of joy and fulfillment, which should be apparent considering the concept of this entire website...

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures 2

Here, we see Macho Man Randy Savage letting his friends know what row he wants to sit in. 

PixelatedPop Presents: Simple Pleasures

With the fast pace every day life can hurtle by, it is easy to forget how much pleasure can stem from simple occurrences.  These "simple pleasures" are more than mere, cheap soap and lotion brands.  They are what bridge the gap between the "big events" and the everyday mundane blandness.  I, and my fellow PixelatedPop compatriots, are here to not only identify such simple pleasures, but to pay tribute to them as only we know how.