The Year 1986

Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1986

1986 was an interesting time to enter my "terrible twos."  In a year that witnessed the infamous Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the disastrous Chernobyl meltdown, the world needed relief, and the remedy would soon come in several forms.  For instance, '86 saw the opening of Pixar Animations Studios and Mike Tyson winning his first World Championship by beating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas.  The year took from us Metallica bassist Cliff Burton and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard but gave us Amanda Bynes, Kat Dennings and Megan Fox.  Bill Buckner's dimwitted missed grounder allowed the New York Mets to pull even with the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, eventually leading to a World Series victory for the Mets.  Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's secret vault only to discover a bottle of moonshine might have been disappointing, but each of the Top 10 From Back Then: The Movies Of 1986 is sure to leave you satisfied.

Top Five Since I've Been Alive: The Movies of 1986

In 1986, I turned two years old and was greeted by my first epiphany.